Monday, November 16, 2020

meditation on green


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the color of life, of growth,
tall, spindly pine
draped in old man's beard
a thousand fern fronds
under whose umbrella
twin blooms
small as a baby's tears
peek pertly
jagged stump
covered in soft thick moss
framed by tall cedars
among whose lofty branches
songbirds flit
their trill echoing
across the sleepy forest
winding trails
through the silence
paths springy, living
where we walk
heads thrown back
- alive!-
one with the ferns the fronds the trees
their height that teaches us to strive
the sky
a compass for
all our flighty dreams
clouds drifting by
one breath two breaths
leafy breath
and human sigh
ringing through
the silent canopy
piercing me through
with each piercing
I'm made new
forest floor alive
under our
live feet
step so lightly
don't crush the mosses!
fairies drinking dewdrops
from the white bell-shaped blossoms
frogs in the skunk cabbage
yellow jonquils
line the deadened pond
the forest holds its breath
and waits
it waits
'til we are gone

For earthweal where Brendan wants us to Keep It Green!


  1. This is rendered with a lovely delicacy, that is so sympatico with the content. The forest holding its breath, as the poem ends, is truly impactful.

  2. one breath two breaths
    leafy breath
    and human sigh.... oh this is so beautiful!

  3. one breath two breaths
    leafy breath
    and human sigh.... oh this is so beautiful!

  4. this was wonderful and brought so much serenity.

  5. Magically green! And we love those fairies

  6. This heady walk in the woods slowly absorbs the reader until it's hard to imagine life back in the crazy human world. So well done, Sherry!

  7. Taking life one breath at a time, inhaling the magic of the forest and trees.

  8. I enjoyed your meditation on green, Sherry. The shape is like inhaling and exhaling, and I love the natural places it took me: the ‘spindly pine draped in old man's beard’, the ‘jagged stump covered in soft thick moss’, and the yellow jonquils lining the deadened pond. I’d love to be there when the forest lets go its breath.

  9. I could feel the forest in your words.

  10. I can not tell you which part of this poem I like best--the piercing, what's under the umbrella or this:
    "the sky
    a compass for
    all our flighty dreams" The poem gathers power as I read, so that the mighty contrast of fairy life and forest holding its breath is stunning.

    1. Sorry I've not visited in so long. The stress is finally lifting a little.

  11. I wonder if the forest will breathe a sigh of relief when we are gone? Poignant poem, Sherry.

  12. Green is such an inspiring color really! New Life, new growth, renewal.

  13. when we are gone... the world will recover, if not so many of the species, until many eons pass ~


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