Saturday, November 21, 2020

Fake News

Image by Justin Dingwall
click HERE for his website.

You can take a sheep to the table,
but you can't make her eat.
She will, or won't; her choice.

You can present all the facts, the science,
the realities, but the delusional prefer
their own versions; the fake news
they speak of, they don't realize,
is everything they believe.

Once I watched a wolf-dog
make a graceful leap
from floor to the middle of
a family dinner table,
in a single arc, not spilling
a single thing.
He looked around
at our astonished faces.
"What? I just wanted to see
what's for supper."

I am watching the dismembering
- the dishonouring, the unpatriotic discrediting -
of everything I once believed;
watching those fanatics who would rather
believe lies than believe in their own
democracy. I am waiting,
with sheep-like and placid patience, 
for January, in hopes a certain voice
will fade from the airwaves,
so reasoned discourse can
begin again.

What's up is down;
what was sense is nonsense.
It is as astonishing to me
as a wolf-dog
in the middle of the dinner table,
who suddenly learns
to speak.

Well. I waited for the election. I am now waiting for January with the same indrawn breath. One reporter hoped that after January 20, a certain voice would not be covered on the news. God, that would be awesome. Just to not have that voice in my head, like an earworm, tunneling into my brain relentlessly, like the worst abusive relationship I ever survived. I did get a kick out of Rudy Guliani literally melting on-screen the other night, ranting about the conspiracy we are all in on.........I have never before witnessed mass hypnosis, or mass mental imbalance. It is ASTONISHING to me that so many Repubs in Congress stay silent. Where is their patriotism now? Where is their pledge to uphold democracy? What about their vow to serve the people (who are dying while the commander in chief plays GOLF?) How can one man abscond with the reason of so many people, so their eyes take on an absentee, fevered glow and they reject facts and cling to fanaticism? I will never understand it.


  1. I love love love this Sherry! I love the analogy, I love the truth and wisdom and I love the Wonderful wolf-dog story! It is astonishing how some people refuse to see the truth! They have blinders on that they won't take off. Hopefully in January there will be a much needed healing for this nation! So glad you joined us this week my friend!

  2. Love the dog on the dining table analogy! :)

  3. "What? I just wanted to see
    what's for supper."

    What a twist!!!

    Happy Sunday


  4. Today defies belief! I don’t know how we escape him, as he lays in wait for 2024.

  5. Who wouldn't hand over a slice of turkey or a roll after that magnificent leap? The sheep would probably still be bleating about his own leaps, though...

  6. I saw elsewhere that the dog story is true! Funny. Love the poem, and your after comments. I am stunned my own brother, an otherwise intelligent man, still sticks up for Trump! Of course, he also thinks COVID-19 was a plot to keep Trump from re-election. What gets into people? In his case, his religion dictates his politics.

  7. I totally agree, Sherry. I have friends and relatives who wear the blinders and see him as some sort of savior. It absolutely blows my mind that they are so blind, as if he has some weird sort of cult control. One day he'll ask them to drink the Kool-Aid!

  8. Unfortunately I don't think that the voice will fade from the airwaves in January. He will be working against all of his 'enemies' even when out of office. I pray he does leave!

  9. I could clearly see the wolf-dog leap onto the table an amazing feat.

    I have a hard time understanding this blind mentality. So many cannot see what is factual and nonfactual.

  10. "You can take a sheep to the table,
    but you can't make her eat." - Yep. Hard but true.

  11. I think we're all dumbfounded by the irrationality of what we're experiencing. It's like living a nightmare. You always write what I think Sherry. We are of one mind.

  12. will fade from the airwaves,
    so reasoned discourse can
    begin again.

    You said it right Sherry! They are just fed-up with all the lies in his rebuttals!


  13. Love this poem, and the wolf-dog’s antics. It is a nail-gnawing time until January 20th.

  14. Sherry, you were right on with this, as were 80 million plus other voters here. Thanks for peeking in on me, we were the same message and metaphorical form, except that yours was much, much more elegant.
    Oh yes, now with our crissis here coming to end you may soon feel like up to posting more. I am hoping.


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