Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Forever Gone

That moment,
when I felt your snout on the edge of my bed -
the way you woke me every morning
of our lives together -
was the moment you went into the flames
and up into the sky,
into the spirit world -
forever gone.

You had stopped by,
in flight,
to say goodbye.

That moment loosed
a river of tears
- it does so now -
for all we had been together
and all I now had lost.

for Sumana's prompt at Midweek Motiff: A Moment


  1. Very succinct words for this poetic spirit visit. That moment one of my cats is gifting me with in the morning has become precious.

  2. some connections transcend the single moments, don't they?

  3. Enchanting
    Happy you dropped by my blog today


  4. Even years later, sad moments can cause new tears to fall.

  5. Love really does hurt doesn't it? This is especially the case with pets who give their love unconditionally...apart from being fed regularly, having closest place in front of the fire and going for walks rain or shine!

  6. These special ones are here too short for us. You gave us a special vision of your love. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  7. Pup loves you still and will always love you.

  8. A very special moment only true love can feel. SO moving, Sherry...

  9. Your poem resonates with me, Sherry, and has brought back special moments with pets.

  10. Oh, Sherry, I can feel the depth of your pain in these words. As Kim said, it brings back......for all of us...who have lost beloved pets! Pup was indeed special!

  11. Oh, I understand this love for an animal. So many... but yet, I take that heart filled emotion and cherish it for the everlasting love that it is, welcome those tears and know we are linked forever. Hugs.

  12. Oh, Sherry your pain is still so, sharp~ I feel that way about my beagle, Buster who I lost four almost five years ago. I am so, happy you had the opportunity to raise Pup...he was a special gift~ Hugs

  13. This season is sad for many who have lost loved ones.The love received from a pet is a priviige

  14. That river of tears resonates with me. We have our pooches for some of our life, while they have us for their WHOLE life.

  15. A connection even more powerful in loss, visible barely in starlight ...


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