Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Wolf Howl Woman

collage by The Unknown Gnome
who, sadly, is no longer with us

When voices whisper among the trees,
and shapeshifters flit in the misty forest,
capes swirling and  twirling
their transformation,
when a soft-eyed doe looks up
from tall yellow grasses,
and quick brown rabbits dart
from their burrows,

when the veil between
this life and the next
grows thin,

my heart listens for the howl
of a lonely wolf,
who has wandered the hills
these many years
looking for home.

In those moments,
my heart howls, too,
in recognition of our wild spirits,
never fully at ease
in the world of men.

I light a candle before his image.
His brown eyes look at me;
concerned, watchful,
they peer into my soul.
How he made me laugh!
How we dreamed together
under the moon.

"Visit me," I ask,
but he cannot find his way.

His howl
a mournful echo
in my soul.

for Sanaa's wonderful prompt at Midweek Motif: A Million Years Howl When Voices Whisper Under the Trees, a contemplation of the day of the dead.


  1. It is only fitting that you honor Pup at this time of year. I think he can find his way, he is just out wandering the woods, being free for awhile. He will come Sherry, I just know he will.

  2. A lovely tribute, you have sung to us many a song of friendship with your beloved pet. I totaly luv your end haiku. For me this piece is best read as a haibun.

    Thank you for dropping by to read mine


  3. Cool idea, Gillena. And thanks, Toni. I hope so.

  4. You are a person of deep feeling

  5. Sherry,

    There's no doubt, that your boy Pup, is constantly with you and about you, in spirit. I believe that there is just a thin veil, between ourselves and the spirits of those we love and miss.
    This season brings them a little closer in many ways:)

  6. This is beautiful the bond that you share with your pup is amazing and heartfelt. That is how it is with kindred souls in the journey.

  7. This is a beautiful, beautiful tribute to Pup, Sherry! He will come I am certain of it. Thank you so much for writing 💞

  8. Our dogs stay with for such a short time let's hope they will all be barking and wagging their tails when we get to join them.

  9. Oh! So sad! The thinness is so apparent! I want him to find his way. I want you to know he is there.

  10. The opening stanza sets the scene well, Sherry, especially the shapeshifters flitting in the misty forest, and I love the way the howl reverberates through this poem.

  11. The separation and distance is sad - like a real howl from the soul..i hope he finds his way to you

  12. The repetition of "howling" in a few different contexts highlights the pain of missing someone.

  13. Also, I like the imagery of the several animals.

  14. This breaks my heart, Sherry, but rest assured he is there!!

  15. I loved the poem already – and agree with Gillena's suggestion of making it a haibun.

  16. So beautiful and so sad. Full moon heart.

  17. A most mournful haunting... poignant and deeply felt.

  18. I'm glad you included the lighting so as to give us a rest along with the heroine. She had a nice journey.

  19. I sense the howl that comes from the soul of a lost wolf. Hopefully he will hear you.


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