Monday, October 14, 2019


Wild Wolf Woman 

I tried to hitch a ride on a silver shooting star
but I wasnt fast enough. I just couldn’t reach that far.
I’ve a heart that rides the seas and hikes across the forest floor.
My soul drinks in the peacefulness and asks for more and more.

I am in love with wild things, every critter, every bird.
There’s too much love to say it all. I just can’t find the words.
So I wrap my heart in wild grasses, and tie it with a bow.
I share it with the creatures I encounter as I go.

On Cloud Horses I gallop across the blue, blue sky,
my eyes all round with wonder at the beauty flying by.
My kitbag full of memories is packed right to the brim
with sunrises and sunsets, even though my eyes grow dim.

I time travel with shamans. With a wolfish friend I roam.
Here the wild things know my name, so my heart knows I am home.

for Marian's prompt at Real Toads: to write inspired by "Prairie In the Sky", by Mary McAslin. I love her poem, and tried to match the rhythm and meter as best I could. 


  1. Oh Sherry this is a glorious poem of your heart of hearts! I love every line and the flow and rhyme of it all! Simply wonderful writing!!

  2. These lyrics were meant to be sung, cowgirl and her guitar! Maybe a fiddle too.

  3. Love the way you travel on your dreams like this... almost every critter is worth my love (except ticks and mosquitoes)

  4. I like thus much better than the song!

  5. This really is a beautiful poem Sherry. May the wolves be with you.

  6. Sherry, I like this a lot. Knowing a name is important, those friends of the wild know them well (here).
    Dogs know, we can be talking of one of its friends, mention the name, and the dog comes to attention.

  7. Just perfect - every word rolled off my tongue as vivid as if we were travelling with you through the forest

  8. Really gorgeous, Sherry. I can hear your poem in Mary McCaslin's incredible voice. But it's all you, with your dreams and your sunsets and the peacefulness. Sigh.

  9. "So I wrap my heart in wild grasses,"... and settling in and enjoying a sunrise and sunset.... well, they are meant to be remembered and cherished when our eyes grow dim. Beautiful, heart felt and experienced words.

  10. Song and psalm and shaman bag of winds! Agreed it would set well to music, in a big wide major key.

  11. I love your flight through wild things. I needed the lift today.


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