Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Bridging the Gap

The bridges are all falling down,
so we must build them up again:

the bridge between your world, your experience,
your perception, your ideology, your reality,
and mine;

and especially the disconnect
between human beings
and the natural world.

The teachings of the First People
are the bridge from
settler/dominant consciousness
to the healing and restoration
of the Earth Mother.

Let's leave behind
our unthinking, destructive ways,
and respect Mother Earth
as a thinking, feeling, conscious being,
alive in every atom of energy,
in every blade of grass.

Our only bridge into a better tomorrow
is the understanding that
we are one with everything,
and closing the gap
between earth and spirit -
between self and other -
between you and me.

for Sumana's prompt at Midweek Motif at Poets United: Bridge

I just finished reading The Archipelago of Hope, Wisdom and Resilience on the Edge of Climate Change, by Gleg Raygorodetsky, who travelled to places feeling the effects of climate change, speaking with First Nations elders. Two of the closing chapters are written about his visit to Clayoquot Sound, where I live. I recommend it highly. Last night I attended a workshop by a young Tla-o-qui-aht woman, Gizele Martin, who taught that in the language of her people "the only word for wilderness is home."


  1. Thank you for sharing your reflections on the book! Glad you found the stories compelling. You can find more about the book here http://archipelagohope.com/

  2. Thank you for stopping by! Wow. I LOVED your book, agreed with every word, and hope it finds readers far and wide, ready to awaken to a new vision of living compatibly with nature.

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  4. This is incredibly philosophical and wise, Sherry! Especially love; "Our only bridge into a better tomorrow is the understanding that we are one with everything."❤️

  5. I've an uneasy feeling that politicians, miners, oil magnates and developers are quite blind to the rest of the world and the need to keep a balance between human development and the maintainance of the beauty of continuing existance of the wild world which is essential to maintain the balance of all our future lives. Why do rich countries sell armaments to poor straving countries so they can fight each other? The developed world has no heart, no scruples other than to amass wealth for themselves.

  6. Oops that should be 'starving' on 3rd line from end!

  7. We are indeed one with everything and once we understand that we can start to heal the earth from wrong-doings.

  8. Wise Woman this is the bridge that needs to be built! I love your poem and that wilderness means home in this language-how beautiful~

  9. What you always write is nothing but truth and with heart. These words are so much needed for the suicidal humans. Ugh.

  10. Your poem hits the nail on the head; bridging the gap is key, if we want to live in peace and harmony with one another, and every living being.

    Your read, the book by Raygorodetsky sounds like an important and relevant read. I will look it up. And this, "the only word for wilderness is home." speaks to me.

  11. Love your poem such a necessary bridge for all for the restoration of human beings and the earth The book sounds very interesting and they have a kindle edition

  12. To know we are one with everything is a bridge accessible to most, I would think, and yet profiteers obscure this truth and have us vie against each other. The book sounds important, as does the talk. Now you seem the center of knowing, getting the word out about where to look.

  13. Sherry,
    You always bring a most wonderful perspective to these poetry prompts. This prompt about bridges, draws upon your great wisdom, supported by the First Nations people, who suggested that we had to find ways to share and support the planet we were only borrowing for a time.
    Bridges between divisions of thought, are as important as the bridges constructed for ease of travel and outreach..
    I love that the only word for wilderness, is home:)

  14. Absolutely! That bridge between each other's realities is so real and getting longer...

  15. Building bridges starts with the recognition that separation between "us" and "them" is an illusion.


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