Saturday, June 15, 2019

Poem by an Exquisite Corpse

Bald eyes behold magnificent things.
Flabby groups arise, unsightly people.
Elegant hand feels skinny student.
Glamorous job makes quaint story.

Some silliness for Magaly's wordplay prompt at Real Toads.  I didnt use the online scrambler, just picked the words myself. I rather like the bald eyes. Lol.


  1. And suddenly I'm singing "Don't stand so close to me" by Sting, I believe it was the last two lines that took me there!

  2. This is amazing! I especially like; "Flabby groups arise, unsightly people," which reminds that there exists different types of people all around the world.

  3. You played exquisite corpse while looking, lol! You wild woman, you!

    I love the first two lines, in a very me me me me me way the words make me think about when my eyelashes fell off during chemo--one does a lot of beholding with bald eyeballs. The second line reads like a 5-word story, I can see the flabby groups (weak and shambling), difficult to behold (especially if we are a remember of one of said groups.

    The third line, the imagery... creeped me out a bit, maybe because I just finished reading the transcript of some issues between a terrible teacher and a student, who knows...

    And the last line sounds appropriately sarcastic to me, as if it's leaving the mouth of someone whose eyes are on the current state of unemployment.

  4. I am a big fan of the first two lines. They're pretty darn perfect. I want to know more about the things those eyes see.

  5. I think this is amazingly coherent while still wonderfully startling.

  6. Thoroughly impressed, Wild Woman!

  7. I like the bald eyes as well!

  8. Got to watch those elegant hands. They'll get you into trouble in several different ways. BTW, "Hand" for me fell into the verb stack, I used it to 'hand me a scalpel.


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