Thursday, June 6, 2019

Falling In Love With the Sky

Vision Quest Tarot
Created by Gayan Sylvie Winter, Jo Dose
Fair Use Principles

I walked with a heavy load
on my head
for many years.
This taught me balance.

The wrongs perpetrated 
upon me
by the dark-hearted
taught me to walk
in a kinder way,
and to keep my conscience

Spirit guides accompanied me
on my journey.
They guided me well,
into verdant forests
inhabited by the Old Ones.
They led me 
along the shore,
where whales sang to me
their ancient songs;
their mystical and mournful cries
took lodging
in my heart.

A feather fluttered to earth
in front of me:
an eagle feather,
to say I
was worthy.
I picked it up, and,
in that moment, 
fell in love
with the blue sky
and this whole,
beautiful, suffering,
benighted, struggling, conflicted,
glorious world.

At Real Toads, Ella  Wilson is making a guest appearance, prompting us to choose a Tarot card that speaks to us and write whatever comes. I chose from the feather deck, as feathers have been signposts on my journey. I am thrilled to see Ella again. She was  my first non-family follower, before I found Poets United, and we both plunged in. Hi, Ellie! I am also sharing this with the Poetry Pantry at Poets United.


  1. Sherry, your poem embraces my heart! I see you on your shore, soaking in all of Mother Nature's gifts and always discovering ordinary joy! You have this amazing gift to make me want to wander outside and let my inner child explore the world with your poetic eyes!

  2. Sherry, if it wasn't for your dare I never would of met so many poets and been part of Poets United and the Imaginary Garden..thank you, so much!! xo

  3. This is beyond beautiful, Sherry!❤️ I love how you give us a glimpse into Mother Nature and her inner-most workings!😍😍

  4. Oh, I love this. We were on the same thought waves. Nature is so freeing. I learned its power as a tiny child.

  5. A nice life walk, Sherry. I liked nature's signs along the way, you saved your namesake until last, good job. I peaked around my blog, quite a few written for Ella between 2012 and dwindling down to 2015. Thank you for telling your history with her, and thank you, Ella for your comtribution here.

  6. Yes, this is how I see you. Open, listening, learning from nature. Perfect and beautiful. It is a portrait of you...

  7. Hoe perfect that you chose the feather, Sherry, because this set of cards was meant for you, I believe.

  8. Choosing the feather was a good pick for you. If signs and symbols give you hope, you can do anything,

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  10. Sherry, I loved the myth you manifest from the cards, full of wonderful visions and the wisdom of the ancients... quite excellent!

  11. What a wonderful message. Yes, indeed you are worthy. You learned well the lessons that you were taught, and you do certainly walk in a kinder way!

  12. Burdens are so good at teaching us to walk straight... or fall.

    I really like what this says about work and sacrifice, and what comes next.

  13. Absolutely beautiful, Sherry! And an account of my idea of a successful life.

  14. in that moment, fell in love
    with the blue sky and this whole,
    conflicted,glorious world.

    There is so much out there to appreciate despite all the threats impacting on our lives. Very true Sherry!


  15. You must be very satisfied that you can now see the world and embace its beauty in its mountains and forests and rivers and seas and to delight in the animals and birds that are our companions.

  16. it is a beautiful...singing and making music unto itself...we can often not see or understand it but the Great Spirit holds our heart and leads us where we are to me...bkm

  17. I remember when I fell in love with the sky. Sometimes to do right by love involves a little sacrifice, but even heavy work can feel light when love is there.

  18. A meditation for the morning. Thank you.

  19. for all its imperfections, it is still a beautiful world.
    thank you, Sherry, for this inspiring poem.

  20. I absolutely love this Sherry! An eagle feather gifted is truly an honor. I had a hawk come and visit me and he left me a gift of his feather. I have it in a place of honor.

  21. I love how nature can nurture something broken back to such love...

  22. Blessed indeed are those who have a spirit guide or two!

  23. A beautiful poem Sherry. It's a biographical sketch of why you are so kind, open to nature and goodness. I love this.

  24. You gift all of us with your journey poems. In Quaker terms, we'd say you record the pattern of your life, the greatest/only gift.

  25. This is wonderful .. it reads, beautifully, aloud … much like a lovely, lyrical prologue to an epic story of an enchanted life. Awesome writing, Sherry!

  26. Journeying and learning a life worth living. Happy you dropped by my sumie Sunday today Sherry


  27. As ever, the grace note for my day. Thanks.

  28. You chose it because it was meant for you! Lovely as always.


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