Wednesday, June 26, 2019


I walked with my grandmother, 
looking up,
through all the years of my childhood.
Once, walking in the cemetery,
she asked wistfully
“Isn’t it peaceful here?”
and I was outraged at the thought
of her ever leaving me.

When she was old, she would walk 
down the street
from the nursing home she hated

-      her cane tap, tap, tapping –

to visit me in my house full of children.
She would sit under the grape arbor;
we'd chat as I weeded the garden.
Later I would walk her back
to the “home” that wasn’t her home

-         her cane tap, tap, tapping –

 a single tear
rolling down her cheek.


  1. I could hear the tapping of the cane. So moving. This reminds me of my father who so much wanted to come home but the doctors wouldn't allow and he breathed his last in the nursing home.

  2. This really moved me with such vivid images and memories. I would like to think a cemetery is peaceful than a walk to a nursing home.

  3. Such a contrast of places--safe childhood and cemeteries, nursing homes and houses full of children and gardens--all with the presence of grandmother. How lucky you were to have her, yes, even with the tear! Love the sound that connects all.

  4. How lovingly you remember your grandmother. You walked her back and she at least had your home to find some refuge in. A cemetery is indeed a peaceful place where you can visit with those you loved. This moved me deeply Sherry.

  5. Oh Sherry, this is almost too poignant to bear! Yet how wonderful that you and she had those times together. A beautiful recollection.

  6. Such a beautiful and poignant walk. Thank you for allowing us to join you and your grandmother.


  7. Sadly I too have tales to tell of parents and grandparents in their later years and much of it is sad and painful.

  8. Oh Sherry this brought fresh tears into my eyes .. so heartwrenching and beautiful!

  9. oh so heart wrenching you brought tears to my eyes SO beautifully written and so special. Made me think of my mum She would hate to go to a home She can still manage although she is soon 88

  10. you moved me with this one Sherry! that tapping stick was like morse code for grandmother's sorrow and alienation but at least she still had you

  11. That cane tapping juxtaposed with peaceful cemetery is stunning. You poem evokes powerful emotions. I now feel like crying.
    Thanks for dropping by to read mine


  12. Beautiful. Those walks looking up, to become walks side-by-side. A journey taken by both in their own time.

  13. Beautiful poem. ..
    " her cane tap, tap, tapping –" reminds me of my grandmother who was very dear to my heart...
    How absorbing such walks must have been! Loved it, Sherry.

  14. I always like it when you share something about your grandmother. It is obvious that she and you had a special relationship. Love that photo of the two of you as well!

  15. Beautiful, and sad. I think of my father wanting to come home so badly, and passing away in a rehab facility. I like your use of the cane tapping.


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