Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Within My Reach

Title: Into the Woods
Magazine: Vogue US September 2009
Model: Natalia Vodianova
Photographers: Mert Alas & Marcus Piggot

There was a time
when Wild Woman was young,
when Fun was riding fast
with a bad boy,
but that fun didn't last.

Then came a deeper love
with nature and the wild,
that I shared with every
animal and child.

Today my fun
is hanging chocolates on friends' doors,
or walking other peoples' dogs
along the beach.

I gather daily blessings,
each to each -
everything for fun and happiness
is right within
my reach.

Today, I am struggling with fatigue and my head feels like a block of wood. My idea of fun is Total Immersion in a jelly doughnut. LOL. So many memories of fun: the band Mullingar playing its first wild notes, and all of the beautiful people joyously circling and dancing in a meadow as the sun was setting; bike riding far into the country; long wild rambles with Pup; and always, always, my preferred activity: reading books.

Life is quieter these days. My fun is watching happy dogs and wide-eyed babies at the beach. But, like Rumi, I feel like the luckiest person on the planet.


  1. Totally a prayer, that last couplet. O, Sherry, to be able to write this with a pounding head, to stay attuned to "having everything I need" is quite a blessing. Thank you.

  2. I really love the penultimate stanza. It fills me with smile. And I bet doing that, making a friend's life sweeter, leaves the giver smiling just as bright.

    On the fatigue side, you and I are on the same boat today. My skin hurts and my bones aren't all that happy--I'm blaming it on the precipitation.

    May we both feel better... tomorrow.

  3. I love the idea of gathering daily blessings. That last stanza is really affecting.

    But what wonderful joy to feel like the luckiest person on the planet! Nothing can be more fun than that.

    Hope fatigue and headache subsides soon. Take care, dear Sherry.

  4. I gather daily blessings,
    each to each Love I think it is something to live by. A wise and wonderful poem

  5. Luv that last verse. Gathering blessings is surely the fun thing to do.

    Happy you dropped by my blog Sherry


  6. How do you manage to write something so, so touching and real when you're not even feeling well. You teach me much about gratitude.
    Hope you get your energy back. Feel better.

  7. Total immersion in a jelly doughnut. Hahahaha! I'll never get that fun-filled image out of my mind. Thanks, Sherry!

  8. I went to the most wonderful cliffside vantage point, looking down on the WILD waves rolling in on an incoming tide. Many wonderful photos, a glorious sunny warm head forgot itslf and I just Enjoyed........gathering blessings!

  9. Dogs and beach are a recipe for fun. However we live our lives we should laugh and love as it is so beautiful and in doing so forget the bad bits!

  10. What a lovely thought.. and yes the bad motorcycle rides were fun!!!

  11. I could feel your young happy spirit as well as wise, wild woman's love for all in this poem. May you gather many more blessings. "Today my fun
    is hanging chocolates on friends' doors,"...I think I should be your next door neighbor ;)

  12. I remember riding fast with a bad boy; great memories but I couldn’t do it now! I prefer the chocolates and dogs on the beach kind of fun. You've given me ideas, Sherry!

  13. It would be great to have a friend who left chocolates hanging on the door.

  14. great write, Sherry!
    i think fun is what makes us happy.
    yeah, i think i should be your neighbour. :)

  15. 'everything for fun and happiness
    is right within
    my reach' yes, every feeling is within our reach, it is us that decides which is which. I liked the lines much.


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