Wednesday, February 13, 2019

In Love With the Wild

My heart belongs to the wild.
My eyes make love to the shore.
As long as I can hear the waves,
I could not ask for more.

I fell in love with the sky.
I lost my heart to the trees,
and a small wolf pup
with a goofy grin
claimed the rest of me.

He awakened the wild in me.
I loved the wild in him.
He lives forever in my heart.
His memory will never dim.

The creatures of the earth,
its mountains, fields 
and streams,
feed my hungry soul
and wander nightly
through my dreams.

As long as there is sky,
as long as there are trees,
I need little more than a roof
and a bed -
the wild's enough
for me.

for Susan's prompt at Midweek Motif: Love


  1. Your wild is beautiful and enticing. How can one resist!

  2. Lovely! Such a wonderful love. Indeed, who could ask for more that the skies, the trees, the ocean and a wild pup.

  3. Your love for Nature and all her wild things is always dancing in your words. But reading it directly is a treat. Delicious!

  4. This is beautiful and heartfelt.

  5. This is so true to your heart Sherry. Your love of nature and all God's creatures is always evident in all you do. Love this!

  6. Wow!! to find love to taste love to know love that is wonderful, indeed.
    Happy you dropped by my blog today Sherry

    much ✿ܓlove

  7. To have what you love (at least for a while) and have it be what you need is to be twice blessed. Your happiness makes me happy, too.

    1. That is it exactly. I have been twice blessed. And I am so grateful!

  8. Your love for all things wild inspires and informs almost every poem you write. Be wild, then, be wild!

  9. There is nothing quite like having a great relationship with a dog that is happy to enjoy the wild with you.

  10. My eyes make love to the shore... how beautiful is that!

  11. Yours is true, all encompassing love. How delightful is the rhythm and rhyme of this beauty!

  12. Beautiful Love it Nothing better than the wild and would I love a wolf pup with a goofy grin

  13. How deep-rooted is your love of nature and all it's beings....beautiful!!

  14. A beautiful love poem to the wild, Sherry! Bravo!

  15. What a beautiful expression of love. I can definitely relate to the feeling of kinship with “the wild.”

  16. Are those actual baby pix of Pup? So cute!!!!!!!!!! Gosh. And i have just been sitting here thinking about Sundance. Our special ones.

  17. ps--I have baby pix of dear Bosco on my fridge. He was my second special one.


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