Sunday, April 8, 2018

Willow Weep

Weeping willows line the lake
like a row of harpists with broken hearts,
whose music has fallen silent.
In dream, I sometimes walk their path
on summer mornings,
the way I used to do, those days,

when I woke with love beside me,
and the promise of forever in my heart.

for Sanaa's prompt at Real Toads: to write a L'Arora


  1. This is so painstakingly raw and honest, Sherry!💜 I love the image of the weeping willows as row of harpists with broken hearts." Thank you so much for writing to the prompt!💜

  2. Oh my Sherry. this is so beautiful. In your brevity you laid it out for us instead of going on and on and on. So sad and full of regret.

  3. This is heartbreaking. Memories do remind us of all the happy times and along with that brings the emptiness we now feel.

  4. The promise of forever in the beautiful!

  5. heartfelt mourning loss but a silent prayer also for morning, and the blessed beauty of breath to be held for another day ...

    love the impact of the well chosen words Sherry - simple but evocative, spoken/penned from your generous heart

  6. Your words portray a true feeling of loss but also a moving on. I especially like your description of the weeping willows and the part they play in memory.

  7. Almost haiku-like in how it makes a turn from nature imagery to a poignant truth.

  8. This is brilliant and strikes a chord:harpists with broken hearts,
    whose music has fallen silent...

  9. So very pretty, Sherry. I like lines of being in a dream to walk the path again. Don't we all. Some now we know better than to even think about it (can't really do that though).

  10. Your use of the pathetic fallacy of the weeping willow makes this a very touching scene. I felt the loneliness.

  11. I'm very, very fond of weeping willows. I grew up in a garden with two of them, and under one my Dad made me a swing ... so of course I love this poem.

  12. Ahhh! Crying here. You hit memory with your poetic reflex hammer.

  13. "Forever," we know is above our pay grade. We have to make do with with promises of "today." I enjoyed reading about those "weeping willows."

  14. ...the way I used to...

    Our lives are filled with ups and downs...

  15. Luv the.weeping willow as metaphor for loss and continuing with strength

    Lucious poem Sherry



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