Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Going to Grandma's

1950's Kelowna
photo by Don Collier 

In childhood,
at school's end,
I was put on a train, alone,
in Vancouver,
to make the trip to Grandma's house
in Kelowna
for the summer.

In those days
the porters wore white gloves.
My mother would give one
five dollars and ask him
to keep an eye on me.
He did.
They were always kind.

I loved the little cot
rolled out at bedtime,
and going to sleep
to the comforting
loved watching the small
dusty towns roll past
the window.

At the other end,
was my thin Grandpa,
robust Grandma,
and a whole slow, sleepy,
reassuring summer,
lake-scent and bullrushes,
wet bathing suits on the line,
the canvas hammock
under the weeping willow,
beside the small garden
full of sweet peas and pinks,
where I dreamed away
the long, slow hours.

In childhood,
it was always summer.

for Sumana's prompt at Midweek Motif: Summer


  1. Yes! Except for the train ride, the details here are so close to my experience that I kept seeing the snapshots in my mind--epecially the canvass hammock and what for me was peony. Gosh. A love of a poem.

  2. Exactly the way it should be


  3. Ooohhh this took me down memory lane....

  4. What lovely memories to fall back on. ...

  5. I have the same memories of going to my grandma's for summer <3 isn't it beautiful how we're all connected through distance and time by the same thread of memory? <3 :)

  6. Yes, I agree childhood is always summer! Loved the memories....

  7. This is so sweet. Sounds dreamy and fun. Glad you have such a vivid memory of those times and so nice how you write about it.

  8. My grandmother lived with us, or we with her. We all lived in the same huge house. But I remember summers in that house so well. Your summers sound idyllic. A wonderful share.

  9. Your inner child is transfixed by summers even now, I'm sure.

  10. What wonderful memories, even the lonely train ride. Now I know why you call yourself, traveler,


  11. We all could dig deep in our memories and find such treasures in our past. Well I know know I have a few. Thank you Sherry for this most delightful and touching poem of childhood.

  12. Beautiful poem. These lovely memories form us and sustain us.
    Thank the Lord for darling Grandmas.

  13. Summers as children visiting grandparents... the joy is universal, the memories eternal.

  14. Ah yes, those long summer holidays of our childhood! I usually spent mine with my grandparents too but they lived only a short distance away. Your trip sounds exciting and it's so lovingly recalled, Sherry.

  15. It takes a lot to make me long for childhood; this did.

  16. Aww.... what wonderful memories! Often I wish to go back, back to that point in life when everything seemed simpler.
    Lovely poem, Sherry!


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