Wednesday, April 18, 2018

The Mother of Invention

The Mother of Invention
is wringing her hands.
"What to do? What to do?"

Man has the knowledge.
He knows all the facts.
He has invented a kazillion
ways to harness clean energy
and save the earth.

But the blind greed of corporations
And the rulers corporations
have bought and paid for
know only the   Myth  of More.
So capitalism keeps lumbering on
to the brink of extinction,
to the day when
there is
No more.

No jobs on a dead planet.
We can't eat money.

Sigh. This subject makes me weary. Yet we soldier on. Voices crying in the wilderness, lol. I am at the farm this week being nanny to my sister's new puppy. I am hampered by having only my tablet with me. Posting this in response to Susan's prompt at Midweek Motif : Invention.


  1. I like personifying the Mother of Invention vs. The Myth of More! Thank you for soldiering on!

  2. all we can do is soldier on... the only way to combat corporations is to get the general public on board.. as long as people give them money for their goods and services they will continue... their only purpose is to generate income...if they can make money on green energy that is where they will to wherever the demand is..

  3. I feel like you just pulled this whole poem straight out of my heart... thank you for putting words to my feelings and thoughts! Precisely- .Excess of anything is always bad, and the 'hunger for more' can truly be dangerous.Thanks for sharing your experience and poignant insight, sherry. Beautiful....Enjoy your time with the li'l pup.

  4. The Mother of Invention knows we need to find ways to preserve our precious planet. As long as governments continue to deregulate in behalf of big business the world will suffer. We made some great strides, unfortunately, we are now taking leaps backwards.

    What to do?

  5. These days, we can't escape weary. So, yes, the truth must be shared. Since, as your poem says, "We can't eat money."

  6. You know how much I agree with you. I like how you thought of writing about the mother of invention. What a great way to respond to this prompt.
    How nice of you to nanny a puppy. I bet you're hating every minute. Hah.

  7. Capitalism should be extinct. It must. It will, when it's time. And voices like yours are on the rise. Good signs for our planet. I love, love this poem and wishing you happy-time with the puppy :)

  8. I love the personification of The Mother of Invention wringing her hands. And what a job she has on those hands! And what a powerful, if bleak, ending, Sherry.

  9. All of the creative community think like you....sadly we are comparatively few and have little power in the scheme of things. The majority will only do something when the shit hits the fan. to put it crudely.When there is water food and power shortages and their comfort zone is disrupted permanently then and only then will they take action for change.

  10. The myth of more.. that will destroy everything one day..timely words Sherry.


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