Thursday, April 12, 2018


Humboldt Broncos  last team photo

Sixteen lives cut short
An entire country united
with a collective
broken heart

all across Canada,
we are
Humboldt strong

On  Friday evening, the bus holding the Humboldt hockey team , their coach and support people, on their way to a hockey game, was hit by a semi, with distastrous results. Sixteen have died, thirteen remain seriously injured. The country has come together to support the many who are impacted by this heartbreaking event.

Over $9 million has been donated to support the victims and families affected.

Today people are leaving hockey sticks on their front porches, or wearing the team jersey to school or work, in a show of solidarity and support. 


  1. Sadness holds the heart, and prayers go out for survivors,


  2. Cool - we need to "get together" more often and as a country, and as a people! Generally love, serve, and spread know.


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