Thursday, April 19, 2018

Till We Are Gone

 You may wander
under the canopy
in springtime
in   tulip-decked galoshes.
But step lightly.
Don't crush
the tiny fairy mosses.

One step,
then another.
The forest breathes
its leafy sigh.

It waits
till we are gone
to sing songs
not  meant for
you and I.

For Sanaa's prompt at Real Toads : Get Listed in under 100 words. I used 46.


  1. Oh thi9s one I see unfolding like an animation, where the leaves sigh, lifting to the sky in thanks that we are gone, It really conveys the impulse to tread heavily rather than lightly in the beauty.

  2. in tulip-decked galoshes.

    oh wow - that was so unexpected, and delightful and well, it's leaving me with a head rush, to be honest ....
    I like the whimsical feel here - and then the more sombre closing, of how the true magic and mystery will always be beyond our truest understanding, perhaps rightly so, if not, what horrors would we continue to perpetrate?

    a bit of a doubled-edge sword in this piece - works really well!

  3. The forest have their own songs and audience ~

  4. How good it would be to hear those songs, perhaps then we would take more care. I love the lyrical feel of your poem :-)

  5. Lovely and light! I especially like the tulip galoshes and the warning to watch out for fairy mosses. The rhyme is nicely done, too.

  6. I can imagine these secret songs.

  7. I like this Sherry...light, with good imagery,


  8. O to catch it in the act, Sherry. I thought that you being 'wild' might have gained confidence of the Forest's special songs. :)

  9. and just as your final couplet proclaims - a sigh ~

  10. I do love the sense of treading lightly ... spare the mosses... love the galoshes you have.

  11. That is a beautiful poetry, I can imagine the deck of tulips. colorful and bright!

  12. The forest has its secrets... beautiful.

  13. This is absolutely breathtaking!💜 I love "The forest breathes its leafy sigh."💜

  14. I love the tulip-decked galoshes - how fabulous!

  15. This needs to be in an enchanting kids' book with suitable illustrations!

  16. This poem is a joy to read and think about.


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