Sunday, April 29, 2018

Flying Away

The dove had lost its mate.
Alone in her cage,
she contemplated Waiting.

We sat below her,
staring straight ahead,
as I told him
I was leaving.

Then, he reached over,
opened the cage door,
and the dove flew
out and away.

What he didn't know:
the dove (my heart)
would keep circling,
back to him,
through all the years.
I did not want to fly 
on that
or any other day.
He just couldn't say the words
to make me stay.

for Fireblossom Friday (yay!) at Real Toads : to write about a time just before an ending. Fireblossom Friday is always my favourite.


  1. sometimes the letting go is the hardest thing - and I like how within the question, therein lies the question - could you, or would you have? even if he had said the right words ....

    sometimes the heart trumps us, even as we think we're playing an steady hand, do we always say what we truly mean, or the opposite of what we need -

    such as life is ....

    a slow build of tension - in this quietly contemplative piece Sherry

  2. one of those hard times... you really brought this to bare with this poem

  3. Ojibwe language no word, until recent times " I LOVE YOU"ways of loving shown by respect, loyalty, courage and honesty. Circling & circling the soft place to land is often one without words spoken. So enjoy to read your work Sherry.

  4. Love this Sherry. There is loss here, but also yearning for a different ending. And I really like the dove as symbol for your heart.


  5. why is it we wait for men to say the words they can't say?

  6. This is so raw and lovely, Sherry.

  7. So lonely Sherry, so sad. If he had Saud the words, would you have stayed? After all these years I realized I would not have stayed or gone with him. Earth shattering.

  8. Yeah, sometimes the it's a deal breaker if they can't say the freaking words. Why should it be so hard?

    I'm flattered and pleased about what you said about FBF. Thanks, friend.

  9. I wonder how often we are unable to stay... maybe as often as we are unable to leave...

  10. lost for (want of)words ... poignant, poetic and very stirring Sherry

  11. what a deep and many layered write!! It touched my heart. I think it happens more than we would like to think, he just can't find the words.....

  12. sad, nuanced, a finely wrought poem, Sherry ~

  13. Wow. Such blindness, such misbegotten pride.

  14. Gorgeous writing, Sherry. Use of the dove was perfect. If you can't say the right words, then maybe there are none.


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