Thursday, March 22, 2018

One Day, Little Bird, You Will Fly

You were born whole, and perfect,
but life is scary once you leave the nest.
You receive so many messages
that you are not the best :
your feathers, not as beautiful as other birds,
your neck's too long, your hair's a sight,
you cannot possibly take flight,
you will never soar as high,
you'd better settle for the low branch,
not risk falling from the sky.

You carry those words
like a mantra.
You become afraid
to try.

Little bird, I'm here to tell you,
you have believed a lie.

One day, small bird,
you will understand their gig :
they only make you small
so they feel big.

I see you, on the end
of that quivering branch,
contemplating the sky.
I want to say :
we are enough
the way we are,
you and I.

(How long have you waited
to hear those loving words?
Only all your life.
Me, too, small bird.)

One day you will
grow tired of watching
others swoop and soar.
You will feel wind gather
under your wings,
and step through freedom's door,
know the heady rush of rising,
being brave enough to try.

One day, little bird,
you will fly.

for Marian's prompt at Real Toads: "You and Me", Alice Cooper's lovely song about being enough, just the way we are.


  1. This is so encouraging. Luv ypur little bird metaphor
    A good Thursday to you Sherry. Happy you dropped by my blog


  2. Such stunning use of metaphor here, Sherry!💖 Beautifully rendered.

  3. So many times we believe the lies that say we are not good enough. In response to my annoying mother-in-law who always chirps 'I am blessed!" when I asked how she is, I've started replying when she rarely thinks to ask, I am good enough. One day we are all of us going to fly. Wonderful!

  4. ...if only everyone who ever doubted or believed hurtful words had such beauty and words to lift them up and out!

  5. And literally it is all like that with the baby birds. We all have had some areas where we felt inadequate. Our undER developed.

  6. Your sweet poem brought my new grandson to mind, Sherry. I will pass on the message:
    'One day, little bird,
    you will fly'.

  7. This is a powerful message of faith and inner strength....great encouragement.

  8. That is all it takes, the courage to try. I enjoyed your poem about the little bird, and the little girl within.

  9. The one who are bigger always try to stop us from flying... but it never works... also the little bird will fly

  10. Love the encouragement in this. Those little bird beings need all the encouragement they can get to soar.

  11. You make me believe it is the loving nest that makes the little bird want to fly. Nicely done.

  12. I am so charmed by the way you have taken up the little bird from the prompt. Sad to think of a bird too afraid to fly in this world.

  13. OMG Sherry, this is just the most perfectly beautiful reflection! Of course that bird, and we, receive the message that we are not enough and it sure takes a long time, if ever, to realize otherwise. Fly, baby, fly! Love it.

  14. Just beautiful! It makes me believe that even I, can fly!


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