Tuesday, March 20, 2018

An Evergreen Soul

Tall Tree Trail, Meares Island

My soul goes walkabout
into the forest
on a vision quest.
Amongst the breathing trees,
the white owls are speaking,
softly, so as not to be overheard
by the Others.

My child,
you have journeyed far,
and you are tired.
You are approaching the edge of
a far valley.
Attune your heart
to journeying.
Prepare your traveling song.

My soul sits itself down
at the base of a great green cathedral
whose trunk has grown
for almost one thousand years.

My child,
you are weary and heartsore,
and can find no surcease.
Place your hand on my trunk
and I will tell you all I know
about Enduring.

My soul tiptoes up close to
a gentle, startling deer.
She tilts her head, recognizes
that I mean no harm,
and does not turn away.

My child,
you have learned to keep
a distance from the world.
I understand.
My way, too, must be one of caution,
for there are fast unthinking cars and
angry men and killing guns
out in the Land from which
you come.

On the shores of my soul,
there are waves,
forever advancing and retreating,
while I perch in this desert of the heart
as precariously
as a cactus flower,
afraid to take root for fear
the wound of blooming
will be

Bloom and thorn-
sometimes the messages
are mixed.

My soul emerges from the forest
surrounded by
six white wolves.
My honour guard,
they will protect me.
My soul puts forth the rough, hardy shoots
of a cliff-dwelling juniper.
They wrap around some 
shambling, slipping rocks
and hang on tight.
They have learned
to be tenacious,
and self-sustaining.
They have learned
that even the most solid surfaces
can move and change
and crumble away.

An evergreen soul
can weather the storms,
can withstand drought,
can find joy 
singing in the rain.

for Paul's prompt at dVerse: Soul Gazing


  1. Oh my yes. The last stanza day it all. Many good lessons in this. Trees tell us to have hope, to never give up.

  2. There is so much to be learned from the "wild" things. They have a sense we could all learn from, very apt!

  3. Sherry, this is marvelous so many parts to admire in the journey of the soul. Yes, a vision quest through the forest.

  4. The balance of this is impressive, as are the healing words. I need to learn more about these vision quests!

  5. Thank goodness for evergreen forest souls that go walkabout, Sherry!

  6. Bless you for quieting your mind and listening to the evergreen souls of the forest. I like this part:
    "Attune your heart
    to journeying.
    Prepare your traveling song."

  7. I know this voice. Didn't we meet on a journey once? ;) Such a soul filled response to the prompt Sherry. Deep, profound and life affirming stuff.

  8. I love how every living thing is to teach another! Lovely poem!

  9. Beautiful. I wish that I had written this.

  10. This is a beautiful write for sure!

  11. I love the soothing warmth evoked by the the guide, and the willingly (and knowing) of the one being guided... The sense of communion in balance is contagious and alluring.

  12. there is a wonderful story woven into your words

  13. Oh I wish there would be more forests to breathe the soul back into humanity...

  14. SMiLes.. Sherry Blue Sky
    For Ever Green
    Tree Souls
    A Cold
    As River
    iN Green
    FLows WArms..:)

  15. This sings so beautiful about the goodness, steadiness and calmness of nature ~ I believe we can weather any storms ~

  16. 'Soul at the base if a great green cathedral'- what more perfect refuge for a soul than a tree. Gorgeous poem, Sherry. I love your ending stanza.

  17. Stunning really! this is a soft song, a hymn really, it breathes of the wise ancients meeting with the modern traveler, and offers the succor needed to remember what we have forgotten, what we have always known and lose, so that we may prepare and walk on.

    It's so rich in the tapestry - I felt like I was sitting within the most glorious of cathedrals - the richness of the environment the stained glass windows offering the most beautiful of light for the messages.

  18. Interesting that you chose a white owl and white wolves. What does white signify for you?

    1. Spirit! White wolves sometimes appear in my dreams.......


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