Thursday, March 15, 2018

Dear Lunabella

Dear Lunabella,

I'm sitting at the beach
looking at a world that is
all beautiful and blue,
and I want to hand it to you
just like this:
blue sky,
puffy clouds, peaceful dogs,
and a silver sheen on the water.
The waves are singing.

I don't want to leave you
the world on the news:
children dying, suffering, starving,
war everywhere, racism, division,
animals being tortured and murdered,
corrupt politicians, climate change,
and corporations raping the earth.

How to give you hope
when mine is fading?
How to feed your dreams
with my aching heart?

But I see you,
bright Rainbow child,
with your shiny spirit,
and I see the young folk rising
across the country.
You all deserve this world
the way it's meant to be.
So I know, for you,
I must believe again.

For Mother Earth can heal,
if we all help her,
and there is enough for all,
if we all share.

I turn off the news
and all negativity,
and look with eyes like yours,
little Rainbow child,
wearing your shining spirit
of many colours,
alive with all your tomorrows
of hope and promise,
and Life! oh, how it shines!

This is the world I want to give you,
all blue and shining
and wrapped in sunny ribbons,
as brand new and perfect
as your trusting eyes.

love, Great-Grandma

for Karin's prompt at Real Toads: "Dear" poems, and shared with the Poetry Pantry at Poets United

As I watch the young people speaking truth to power, unafraid, because they see things clearly, not through the filter of money greed or power, I begin to think the young folks will be the ones to save us. I can't wait till they begin voting and moving into the corridors of power. The old way has gotten us in a pickle. Let's get money out of politics and find people who want to SERVE.


  1. Oh, Sherry. I have no words. This is so perfect. May we leave the kids we love with better words, and a better world.

  2. The picture of Lunabella with her trusting beautiful eyes. Keep your hope alive Sherry. Huh Lunabella close and believe.

  3. Lunabella is a beautiful name and she is a beautiful child. I agree, we must leave a better world for all the beautiful children: '
    blue sky,
    puffy clouds, peaceful dogs,
    and a silver sheen on the water'; most definitely not 'the world on the news'.
    I think the young are taking the initiative and we must support them.

  4. A beautiful child indeed – and aren't they all? I do hope you are right about the young making much-needed changes. Meanwhile, both pictures of the world are true. The horror is real; so is the beauty.

  5. This is profound. Sincere and heart rendering.
    Luv it Sherry


  6. Oh Sherry this is incredibly exquisite!💖

  7. Dear Sherry—Congrats indeed on being a great grandmother—no wonder you are so wise—and on that beautiful little girl—your poem is so apt—what can we do? We must try. And awareness such as yours is a wonderful start. Thanks for doing all you do to spread it. K.

  8. Grandma's letter, her wish and hope. Very nicely written. Thank you for adding it, I read this morning a devotion citing Psalm 25 and Job 38 (I read Job 37 as well) which were one your target.
    Congrats on being a great-grandmother. This April I should become a great great-grandfather. My oldest great-granddaughter is expecting then.
    (I have five kids, six grandchildren-8 to 37, four greats- 6 mo to 19, and soon one great great.)

  9. What a little angel! How can we our children a world in such sorry shape?

  10. Unbelievable that our precious grands and great-grands will inherit this mess of a world. One day she will read this, understand your message and make her world a better place.

  11. The young people are rising up across the continent! It's always the way. Things are looking up. Meanwhile, I shared this with a friend whose psychiatrist told her that wanting world peace is a symptom of her mental illness! She will heal from your poem.

  12. I can see from her eyes, she is "hope." Beautiful Lunnabelle! Beautiful poem.

  13. Words of hope and love for your beautiful girl.

  14. What a beautiful great-grandchild, Sherry! I do worry about the world she and other sweet young children will grow up in. How I hope that something makes it possible for her to grow up in a blue and shining world.

  15. Of course we should all help to give her a better world... it could be easy.

  16. How easily a few destroy the world of many... a tragic situation that may already be too late to save...

  17. ..."alive with all your tomorrows
    of hope and promise...." -a beautiful letter to your great grandchild! If we don't see hope through the eyes of the young --where would we be?

  18. such a heartfelt letter poem.
    the young should inherit a good & complete earth.

  19. You all deserve this world
    the way it's meant to be.
    So I know, for you,
    I must believe again..

    Your voice of wisdom and love is most resonant in these lines.

  20. How beautiful and important this poem is Sherry. I just can't imagine how leaders and tycoons see the future as they destroy the Earth, its flora and fauna and happy with the poverty and misery of their fellow humans. Sadly our voices are not enough.


  22. This is so touching. I am so proud of my children's generation for standing up right now.

  23. Oh Sherry, This is my new favorite--making the poetic choice to see with the unbiased love of a child, to love the children and believe in them. May you be well, may you be happy.

  24. There is song in Spanish, "¿Dónde jugarán los niños?" (Where will the children play?) that comes to mind as I read your poem. It seems that nowadays we ask ourselves that question more and more. I can only hope that when the time comes for answer to lived, that it will be "Wherever they wish." A girl can wish for a bit...

  25. Beautiful moon child who does not see what we older folk do - there is a desire to protect in your words but also the desire to try and look through her eyes too at a wonderful world

  26. I love her eyes and her name....and what a present you give her....hope! She will give us so much too!

  27. What a wonderful letter to a wonderful and so wonderfully innocent great-granddaughter.
    Your words are profound Sherry and burst forth with that that is truth.
    I do hope commonsense prevails in this sorry world of ours, soon, very soon, and change finally comes...
    Anna :o]

  28. May the world you want to give to your great-granddaughter come to pass!

  29. This is beautiful Sherry! The hope it carries and I agree, there is enough for all if we just learn to live in harmony and share.

  30. well scripted Sherry... I worry what our legacy will be...

  31. Simply beautiful Sherry. And an Angel for a G-G Daughter.

  32. What a beautiful letter. There is so much gloom these days. We must bring light, hope, point out the wonder that still clings here and can be restored if we humans will stop the destruction.

  33. This is so tenderly - and wistfully - penned, Sherry ... imbued with a lovely message of hope, for Lunabella and for all the children of the world. Wonderful pictures ... a beautiful child. It is hard to look upon an innocent little one and not 'take heart' that humankind will get-it-right, yet.

  34. Such a touching poem - a great spirit indeed

  35. I'm not sure even the greatest poet could capture her amazing gaze! She is something! I believe the likes of her can change this world and make it a better place!


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