Friday, March 9, 2018


The curtains are blue, on rungs,
surrounding the last resting place,
the bed where breaths go in and out,
rasping, until that final moment,
after which there is no more
life on earth.

Before then,
may there be great swirling galaxies
of miracle and wonder.
May we catch our collective breath
and drink it all in,
with awe, with gratitude:
the beauty, the colour,
the sweep, the reach,
the astonishment of each dawn,
on another day of living
on Planet Earth.

for the prompt at Real Toads: Curtains

Today it is gloriously sunny. The daffodils are blooming, and I am off to the beach, with a grateful heart.


  1. Oh Sherry this is absolutely exquisite!💖 I love the image "great swirling galaxies" and feel the emotion "astonishment of each dawn".. Beautifully penned!💖

  2. I'll enjoy the "before then" and hope the after can be re-written... sigh. The photo is amazing!

  3. Ah yes. Before the curtains are drawn, there is ever still awesomeness to behold our gaze

    Thanks for dropping by blog


  4. We need to take care of this place we have... there is none other.

  5. What a truly beautiful write Sherry.
    Yes, may we love and appreciate this Earth, this life we have, til our very last breath.
    Anna :o]

  6. What a wonderful write! May we all take care of our earth and each other. I love the photo as well. It is cold here today but the daffodils dance in the wind.

  7. Yes! Yes! Take in all the wonder of nature as often as you can! Live wide open sky and wild flowers.

  8. There is a sweeping optimism in this glorious poem :-)

  9. What a beautiful poem this is Sherry, let's hope people all over the world will finally realise our precious Earth not going to stay this way forever, but by our carelessness may be in difficult soon so we must not give up our care for it.

  10. May it be so, indeed! This absolutely says it all.

  11. your poem reminds me of how everyday is to be treasured.
    Mary (Cactus Haiku)

  12. yes, the shift to remember, to SEE, to know, to breathe, to be the wonders that are still here -
    it's not about the glam-sham and wow! factor - it's all here - perhaps if we could understand the language of the simple, and how complex and miraculous it is ....

    I really like the "push" to pay attention - it's like a rallying war cry, but for the best of reasons and in the best of ways - not "anti-" anything - just for the sake and necessity of just "being."


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