Saturday, March 3, 2018


I gift you a morning sunrise,
in late winter,
new-minted with promise,
a fresh day unfolding.

I gift you hours with loved ones,
sharing songs, and stories, and laughter,
and tears, in the remembering
of those things that have been lost.

I gift you sunshine and birdsong,
and a winter hummingbird,
magical and unexpected,
at the feeder,
blue jays and scarlet cardinals,
and a horse in the field,
huffing small clouds of breath
into the cold air.

For your lonesome heart,
I send you an old dog's smile,
patient and devoted,
and always there.

For your tomorrows,
I send you a small fairy
sprinkled with moondust,
and a wand,
to bid you safe passage,
and the certain knowledge
you have a place in this world
that is distinctly yours, where you
are treasured and needed.

I wish you open hands
to receive each day's gifts,
to store away in your heart
like nuts from a winter squirrel.

This poem is adapted from one I wrote for a friend back in 2016, when I lived at the farm, and there were horses in the field. The photos were taken last night at the beach.

Shared with the Poetry Pantry at Poets United.


  1. Oh, what lovely gifts – including the glorious photos. Thank you! Received with delight.

  2. What beautiful photos of YOUR beach and wonderful gifts. Your writing is always a gift as well.

  3. I like the idea of the gifts stored like a squirrel...we need to collect while we can!

  4. A wonderful gift..beautifully updated. I can't believe it's been a year..I'm glad you have the beach now

  5. Love this soo much especially; " I gift you hours with loved ones, sharing songs, and stories, and laughter, and tears, in the remembering of those things that have been lost".. Beautifully executed!💞

  6. What a beautiful assortment of gifts Sherry. What better than that old dog's smile. Some of my best friends were our dogs.

  7. The photos are stunning. Peaceful! A beautiful poem filled with gifts. Thank you, Sherry.

  8. Some gifts are ever-giving: smiles, sunrises, a friend's love... Love the gentleness of this, the peaceful tone.

  9. Beautiful gifts we all need these days....a poem of looking at the world with grateful eyes as we tear ourselves away from the insanity. Thank you for this gift!

  10. thank you for the lovely gifts, Sherry.
    especially in these days of hot air and lies and idiocy.

  11. I love gifts like this... Gift like this will not deplete the world.

  12. Beautiful blessings... with these gifts, the world looks a better place.

  13. Some of my favorite things, the blessings that make life worthwhile.

  14. oh i like those images - esp. the one with the horse was very visual for me

  15. You gift like a Goddess would: you give the gifts and the hands to receive them

    Thanks for dropping by my Sunday Standard today Sherry

    much love...

  16. Beautiful gifts that will only enrich our lives and the world instead of draining. I especially like the gift for a lonesome heart, the smile and love of an old dog. That drew tears from me but happy ones. Thank you.

  17. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Your gifts are treasures to me. Your poem is such a treat of beauty. It inspires gratitude, which I too often forget.

  18. How privileged Sherry, to be given the opportunity and experience of wonderful country living.


  19. I would be honored to be gifted with such a poem, as I'm sure the original recipient was.


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