Wednesday, March 8, 2017

We Will Be the Change

Silpa Suarak, an Inuktitut language expert,
one of the Indigenous women profiled by CBC 
for International Women's Day
Jennie Williams photo/ CBC

"A nation is not defeated until the hearts
of its women are on the ground."
A Cheyenne saying

Aho, Wise Grandmother says,
it is time for the women
to raise their voices:
in song, in council, in power, in truth,
to speak for social and 
environmental justice
for all the living.

Huff, puff, says the big bad prez,
we are going back 50 years
to the Good Old Days
and women may not speak. 
We are not, in fact,
entirely convinced you are people.

Aho, you are foolish.
We have dealt with men like you before,
and better.
We have grandchildren, 
and we need to leave them
a world that is alive.
You will find us a formidable force,
for we are half the earth,
we hold up half the sky.
In strength, we bear
your sons and daughters.
Our life's purpose is
to keep them safe.
Our hearts are strong,
and no where near to 
being on the ground.

You can drive us 
away from the river.
You can lock us up.
More of us will follow,
for water is life
and we do not respect 
the ways of death.

Your addiction to oil
is polluting sacred waters.
Your addiction to money
is melting the polar icecaps.
Your willful ignorance
is imperiling the planet.
We refuse. We resist.
Our wolfish hearts rise up.
We march for 
our grandchildren's grandchildren,
and for yours.

We are of Life, of Breath, 
of Memory, of Tomorrow.
In sisterhood, in motherhood,
we sing the Earth Mother's song.
Our hearts are weary
but our minds are wise.
We speak for the voiceless, 
for the refugees,
for the wild, for the animals,
for the air, the soil,
the ocean, the rivers, the lakes
and for all creatures.
This gives us strength.
We will not be moved,
      or silenced
         or overcome,
and our hearts are 
no where near to
being on the ground.


  1. This is so exquisitely worded, and so profound, Sherry. I have copied it so that I can read it over and over. Thank you!

  2. I'm going to print this too, keep it at my desk as a constant reminder. I love your defiance here, your truth (which is also mine) and your boldness. We will not go back 50 years. We go forward.

  3. Luv that bold grandmother. Aho yes indeed we are people too, as simple as that

    Thank you for dropping in to read mine Sherry

    Much love...

  4. "We have dealt with men like you before"

    And probably will have to do so again and again and again! But guess who will always prevail in the end?

  5. So I learn I have the heart of a wolf, and I am glad. I did laugh at this: "We are not, in fact,
    entirely convinced you are people."--and the idea that the "big bad" is not a wolf. How sobering, though, how empowering is the chorus of women's voices.

  6. A grand tribute and reflection. There will come a time...

  7. Well said Sherry I couldn't agree with you more; this is a wonderful poem.

  8. "and for yours." This much love is only possible for women...Happy Women's Day Sherry...

  9. Love the quote, the conclusion, and everything in between! Well done.

  10. Beautifully profound. Words of wisdom indeed.
    Kind regards
    Anna :o]

  11. What a strong Woman's Day poem this is, Sherry. I can think of many strong women who do inspire change. They (we) will not be silenced or overcome. We keep pushing onward...using our influence as best we can.

  12. Woman are life, water is life...Mother Earth is life it is the feminine and it is powerful...bkm

  13. There is so much truth and wisdom, in your words, Sherry, that men like President Trump will never understand, even if, they would to live to be 1000 years old.

  14. this was lively and brave. great job Sherry!

  15. Men who are against equality and deman women are a dying breed, Sherry. The trouble is that even if they are few in number, unfortunately they occupy positions of power and it's easier for them to spread their poison. They shall not be successful, they shall fail.
    Well-penned poem!


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