Friday, March 31, 2017

I Meet You There

When I see you,
I see you
not as Other
but as Same:
a human being
with your challenges and struggles,
your joys and tears,
your light striving to outshine
the darkness
that surrounds you.

The journey for each of us
is the journey of becoming
who we were meant to be,
climbing the mountain
of self-worth,
coming home
to ourselves.

I see your passage
through the fire,
the imperfect pilgrimage
which was much the same
as mine.
I applaud your spirit's rise,
our souls like bright suns
emerging from
the night-time of solitude.

I see in you
our shared humanity,
and, man or woman,
insofar as it is possible,
I meet you there.

written for Susan's prompt at Midweek Motif: Gender


  1. 'I applaud your spirit's rise,'yes we do need to appreciate such souls for who they are...

  2. Bravo! This giving-ness has to begin somewhere--gently and assuredly as in this poem.

  3. Spoken as a leader (an inspirer) of people. The things that were done by words like these.

  4. becoming who we were meant to be - that makes me think of a course i'm mentoring - it's about discovering god's original design for the own life and working on the things that block us from living in that freedom - good to see you Sherry

  5. people are so unable to accept themselves - it makes it hard to accept others, too ~


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