Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Mirror, Mirror

I looked into the wicker-framed mirror
and a shift occurred with my eyes:
my grandma's face super-imposed
on my own,
her expression grave and wise.

She looked at me
with eyes that knew me,
with eyes that could always
see right through me.
She had a message
she wished to impart
that I had to decipher
with my heart.

I took up the cane
that she left me,
her mantle of matriarch
becoming my own,
stepped forward into my sixties,
welcomed into
the Age of Crones.

for Sumana's prompt at Midweek Motif: Mirror

I remember the day I looked into the mirror, in my little trailer in Port Alberni,  and suddenly saw my grandma's face transposed on top of my own.


  1. Yes the day we recognize our mothers and grandmothers in the mirror are quite significant in our own earthly journeys...bkm

  2. Haha! The Age of Crones! Well, we all get there sooner or later, if we're lucky...or blessed.

  3. Love this Sherry. I remember the day it became so clear to me that I look just like my mother. I never had the definitive experience of being welcomed into the age of Crones. But that's definitely the age I'm living.

  4. Interesting, isn't it, how eventually it is one's grandmother's face is the one that looks out at one from he mirror.....I know you loved your grandmother, so i am hoping this is a positive image for you. I never knew my grandparents really, so I guess it is my mother I see now in the mirror. (Smiles)

  5. Alas, she moans
    in dulcet tones
    I'm one of the crones
    next step is headstones!
    (Sorry, I couldn't resist!)
    Fun read, my friend!

  6. Marvelously told moment. Reflected, in someway, in all of us.

  7.'s good to know that you are content with who you are Sherry. Good write. I loved it. Respectfully, James

  8. Love the positive tone, stepping into the "age of crones"!

  9. Then there are others who flatly deny the change (like me) and are a laughing stock
    for youngsters!

  10. Thank you for this reminder of how my grandmother saw through me. I'm going to try to imagine her welcoming me into the Crone years. I see my father and my grandfather in the mirror, but since Grandmother was my soulmate who still speaks to me, I should look deeper. I love poems that throw me back onto myself.

  11. So far I haven't seen either grandmother, but often my Mum. (Smile.)

  12. It is true. I see my mother in the mirror but I feel like my grandmother.I miss them both terribly.I don't think any love can replace the love one has for their family,if one was lucky enough to have that love. I never felt as safe as I did with them.

  13. aha..i'm my father's xerox copy :)
    'I had to decipher / with my heart' the most attractive line of the poem i think, trying to find out the meaning of the message with heart & the last line is classic...

  14. I love the optimism that adorns the closing lines especially ❤️ such a beautifully evocative write.

  15. What a beauty. The finest thing I can imagine is to see that wealth of wisdom and love reflected from a grandmother to a grandaughter

  16. Intriguing piece, Sherry.Loved it...
    I think, the brain is always ‘looking for faces’ and it is likely that we have a specialised face detection system (smile) to allow us to recognise individuals whose faces actually only differ a small has happened to me too!! :)

  17. i adore the way you look into the mirror and find your grandmother inside yourself.

  18. loved "superimposed" adore the entire welcome

  19. loved this...simply love and acceptance!

  20. nice poem sherry, I loved both my grandma's and love their memories ,
    and I love the feeling your poem has evoked

  21. As I grow older, I see my mother and grandmother faces in mine too ~ Very well done Sherry ~ Can you please respond to my email?


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