Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Distraught Sister Moon

Distraught Sister Moon,
I see you up there, pacing around,
wringing your hands,
"what to do, what to do, what to do?"

Down below, all hell is breaking loose:
bombings, shootings, drought,
famines, floods, melting icebergs,
forest fires,
wildlife fleeing in terror,
with no where to hide,
dangerous people with bad hair
behaving badly.

I see you trying to efface your fullness
quickly, perhaps thinking
if you lessen your roundness
the populace can return to calm
under a slice of moon.
But when were we last calm?
Between the dinosaur era 
and Cro-Magnon,
was there once an age 
of hunting and gathering,
feasting and rejoicing,
before My Cave and Your Cave 
became issues and clubs started swinging?

By your light, madmen and prophets collide.
By your light, poets seek truth and beauty.
By your light, we dream of a better world.

You have stopped pacing.
You like where this is going.
Okay, hear this:
By the Light of Your Silvery Moon,
on earth we dream, we dream,
we dream of peace.

from July 2016, shared with the Tuesday Platform at Real Toads. Reference is made to the old old song of my childhood in the closing lines.


  1. just love the moon pacing..what an image!!

  2. Luv the ponder of history in your discourse with distraught moon

    Happy you dropped in to read mine

    Much love...

  3. By your light...
    By your light...

    Such a unique perspective of the good old moon.

  4. "But when were we last calm?" Quite the question... I'm listening to a course on the gilded and progressive era's - it seems to me we relive our ways...

  5. Such a passionate write, Sherry ❤️ especially love; "By your light, madmen and prophets collide. By your light, poets seek truth and beauty. By your light, we dream of a better world."❤️

  6. Before my cave or your cave...I wonder was there ever such a time or have humans been consistently idiotic.

  7. This is a wonder-filled work/thought/dream. The ending is so all encompassing.

  8. Alas I think we will continue to dream.. the changes truly scare me. On the other hand a lot of things have changed for the better...

  9. A distraught moon pacing and wringing her hands - I can imagine her doing that! But what memories you brought me of my grandfather singing to me 'By the light of the silvery moon'!

  10. That light by which we dream has soaked for billions of years in its own bitter, salty existence -- battened on by colliding planets and a scarring rain of meteors -- yet how pale and sweet its gift! Perhaps because it has suffered so? And grieves for us, mother to child, knowing full well it can do nothing to immolate dangerous ones with bad hair. Our sleep is bittersweet, yet full of lunar seas!

  11. on earth we dream, we dream,
    we dream of peace.

    Sadly it never comes not anything else but lacks political will to make it happen!


  12. Yes, Sherry. Full moons do crazy with me. But not like the people with monstrous faults like we are having trouble with now. Return of the Barbarians?
    But I love your ending, calming and reminding me of the picture, "Biden kissing Biden". That settled me for a little bit.

  13. Not a happy time....full of angst and strife.

  14. Wonderful, picture, poem and thoughts! All hell's breaking loose but peace is something to hope for and practice in our own lives!


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