Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The Children of Syria

This is one of the most moving and beautiful videos ever......I don't know how the adults of the world can watch this and not rise up and put an end to war. The children sing of hope amongst devastation. May the leaders of the world hear their cries.

Sing, children of Syria,
your dreams of a world
where bombs do not fall
and buildings do not crumble,
a world where your laughter
replaces wails of grief
when family and friends
lay dying.

Sing your belief
in a life
where peace is possible.
Sing to those leaders
of a world
where hatred and division rule,
and soften their hearts
with your innocence and beauty.

May the words you sing
bring about
the world
of your bright dreams.


  1. What can I say but "Amen"? Reminds me of Anne Frank, but we heard her words of hope too late. Can we be on time?

  2. If only. Would not the world then be a peaceful, better place

  3. You're right! This is moving. (So are your words).

  4. song of hope can only keep the distressed souls alive...beautifully worded Sherry...

  5. Sherry, this poem was mentioned on Sumana's blog today. I had to come back and view it. Truly it is beautiful in it's cry for peace. Blessings to all children, may they inherit a healed world.


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