Sunday, January 22, 2017


The thing is, Mr. t :
your rhetoric is offensive
and divisive.
You are delusional,
live in a golden bubble
of your own making.

Your efforts to convince us
what is not true is true,
and what is true is a lie,
won't work.
Just you saying something
doesn't make it real.

You can deny climate change,
but the poles are still melting.
When you are standing
up to your knees in water,
will that be a conspiracy too?
Maybe the penguins
have it in for you?

Your labeling everyone
who doesn't buy your lies a liar
does not endear you to the masses.

The thing is:
this world isn't safe for our children.
We need social justice, world-wide,
and we need it now.
A handful of billionaires
will not save the world.
They'll just get richer.

Did you hear the voices
of the women of the world?

That's where it's at, kiddo.
We can't believe we are still
having to fight for this shit.
But fight we will.
We have a world full of children
that we love.
We care about the planet
we are leaving them.
We love Mother Earth,
she is in trouble,
and enough is enough.

We have come a long way
from the 50's, kiddo,
so buckle up.
You are in for a bumpy ride.

We're going to make
your hair
stand on end.

LOL. Can't help it, I got so pumped up from yesterday's marches, from all the gutsy women's voices. I would have liked to hear more about climate change, but those people were out there, they just didn't hit the media. If any of you missed Ashley Judd reciting a kick-ass poem written by 19 year old Nina Donovan  from Tennessee, you must hear it. Talk about strong women's voices!

Here's the link:

 I also loved Gloria Steinem's speech. She is so real.

This is for Brendan's  prompt at Real Toads: Voices


  1. I love it, Margaret!! Was this your speech yesterday? I hope so. It was right on targat, every word. Watch it though, mr. t might call it a big, big lie.

  2. Thanks so much for this, Sherry -- the voice was loud, unified and won't be denied. Buckle up Mr. T indeedy. Bumpy rides ahead.

  3. This was so much in line with what I think... and believe me, I can speak with a woman's voice if needed. And I don't need to the press to hear a lie. I can hear it from the t directly.

  4. Yes, it has changed! Hitler on Friday, is now Nixon!

  5. I did stop by, I cannot discuss politics but glad you expressed your feelings.

  6. Rock on, Sherry! I marched Saturday, and I nearly cried when I saw a 70+ year old woman carrying a sign that said, "I can't believe we're still protesting the same shit"...or something like that.

  7. Relevant.
    Voices can't be stiffled.
    Climate change may be deleted from the official website, but the threat is real.
    Bumpy ride ahead indeed...

  8. We're going to make
    your hair
    stand on end.

    Yes, agreed! He's so proud of the drooping yellow mop. It is time to make it look different!


  9. No problem Sherry you are allowed! Lol! I felt the same way, women powers!! Susie's poem was fantastic for that!

  10. A most timely piece Sherry.. sigh.. you're outstanding!!

  11. There once was an ad for cigarettes aimed at women with the slogan, "You've come a long way baby."
    The marches, as you speak with their voices as well as your own, show that we're not ready to go back.

  12. Ha. Lovely. I marched and made a poster with a picture (Not very good) of Mother Earth! Thanks, Sherry, for your support for our U.S. struggle. (And worldwide.) k.

  13. Here/Here ~~ hear, hear .. Perfectly penned Ms. Sherry! Brava.

  14. More power to the women of the world. I was/am encouraged by the marches and women who won't keep silent. And I agree, I can't believe we still have to fight for this. We seem to have taken a giant leap backwards. But let's do our best to stay strong.


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