Tuesday, January 17, 2017


I dreamed about you.
You were walking on the beach
with a little black puppy.
Is this of significance to you?

Yes! I told her of the beach,
my wolf dog, dead for years,
my longing to return
to the home of my spirit.

Hold fast to that dream,
and I will put your intentions
out into the world
with my drumming and praying.
Your wolf dog visits me
to let you know he is near.
He will walk with you
on your beach
once again.

I held onto hope,
though it faltered with the slowness
of the years.
I watered my long-held dream
with longing and with tears.

I want to tell you
the other night when I was drumming
I put your intention out there once again.
I heard a wolf howl
and I felt energy moving
in your direction.

The call came the next day.
A space had opened up for me
in the place of my dreams.
That night I read that the planets
sometimes (rarely) align, as now,
in a certain way.
When they do, if you have a dream
that has been blocked,
and you are offered it:
Say Yes!
Do not let fear or doubt enter in.
I smiled as I read,
for I had said yes,
                  and yes,
                     and yes.

This is all true, kids. Every word. My mentor was chosen by Pup and found me through my poems. Even in old age, even if one has resigned oneself that it might never happen, I am here to tell you that dreams can come true - not just once, but many times. We are energy, and if we beam that energy in a good way out into the universe, the universe responds. It brings me comfort to know my Pup still howls for me. I howl inside my heart,  every day for him.

for Elizabeth Crawford's prompt at The Heroic Journey, Stage Four: The Mentor


  1. This has the tone and depth of the mystical about it. And my heart leaps in joy for your return to that place that is sacred to you.


  2. Sounds like you made wonder-filled memories Ones that will never let you down or leave you.

  3. I just love it when the Universe shows us that deep, in our core, all of us are one... with many hearts.

  4. the little word 'YES' is courageous, powerful and the doorway to dream-come-true land...words throbbing with life here....

  5. Intriguing,fascinating and beautiful. I love it when the planets align (in a certain) AMAZING and WONDER-FULL way!

  6. I have a friend who is a healer, a giver, a planter, an educator - she makes figures of the animals she dreams, and says she's been making many, of late ~

  7. Thank you for this beautiful write Sherry!!! I also heard his call....


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