Friday, January 13, 2017

Under A Befuddled Moon

Wolf Moon - January

I once had a tryst
with someone who was
a legend in his own mind.
He wooed me with poetic phrases,
beady eyes, and butterscotch pudding.
I ate it up, spoon by spoon.

"Je t'aime", he said,
looking up at me on the porch
under a  befuddled moon.
But he didn't, he didn't.

Some men are hollow.
Some men are not
to be followed.

Well, this weird little poem is in response to Kerry's prompt at Real Toads: to use diction and imagery to write about humans in terms of the non-human. The man in this poem was all too human. But in the closing lines, I am thinking of a most inhuman man, who is much in the news for his lack of humanity. Not sure if that counts. Smiles.


  1. Butterscotch pudding and a befuddled moon... a witty caution in this poem, Sherry.

  2. I like this Sherry. We get befuddled over the strangest things, be they butterscotch pudding, or love words whispered in a different language. Did you know that the 'befuddled moon' is followed by the month of February that is sometimes referred to as the 'the time of the Hunger Moon', in some Native American tribes?


  3. Well written. Sorry about some my fellows and thank you for not mentioning the "others" (blushing)

  4. Seems that this man didn't love his poet "Je t'aime à la folie".
    I'm wondering what percentage of the population has had relationships that turned fickle? Perhaps mostly those who write poetry, these would have a reason to write. (I wouldn't dare write of mine, the kids would disown me.)

  5. It's your poem; I think you're allowed to take it wherever you like. I love the butterscotch!

  6. He wooed me with poetic phrases,
    beady eyes, and butterscotch pudding.
    I ate it up, spoon by spoon.

    This is lovely!!❤️

  7. This is ugly truth beautifully presented. Really well done, Sherry.

  8. Pudding and moons can always leave us a bit disoriented. But after the rush of taste, most of us gets to see the light... and see the emptiness.

    Love the line-breaks in this one, Sherry, especially in the last stanza.

  9. oof. such wisdom in those closing lines ~


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