Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The Door

My daughter Stephanie's photo
of Chestermans Beach, where dogs are most joyous

In the middle of my life,
the door to the life of my dreams
stood ajar.
I peeked in.
All the wonders of the universe 
if I had the courage 
to leap: the ocean,
and whales, 
old-growth trails,
nature, pristine and beautiful 
and wild -
the place where my soul belonged.

If I stayed in place,
it meant giving up my dream.
And I knew I couldn't live
without a dream.

It took trust and a far-flung prayer
to take me from where I was
tamely living
to being there,
where I became Wild Woman
and lived the ten most joyous
years of my life.


I have mourned that loss
all the years since,
longed to return,
nearly gave up hope.

And now, suddenly,
in my dwindling years,
the door to that life
has opened once more:
one more chance
to experience the beauty
of the shore.

In old age,
one more mighty leap
over the mountains,
back to the song of the sea,
and the ancient trees,
proving the universe brings gifts
to those ready and willing
to receive,
and that life can change 
in a heartbeat
from resigned but grateful living
to the realization of a
long-held dream.

My friends, I had given up hope that it would happen, and was at peace with that, when the call came: a small suite in the apartment complex in Tofino. I am sorting and packing, and still can hardly believe it is happening. I will have more beach walks and sunsets before I die. I am, of course, nervous and rattled, but also am feeling the rightness of this, that I have wanted for so long. I just keep thinking of how my windows will look out on big old trees, and, with my window open, I might even be able to hear the song of the sea. Wow, hey? I will be there for the Whale Festival, when the Baja whales arrive on their whale highway. Whu-hoo! Once again I will stand on the dunes and watch. Maybe I will sing.

I read something the night before the phone call came: that this year the planets are aligning, as they do only rarely. That during this time, if you have a dream that has been blocked and you get offered it, SAY YES! Do not let fear hold you back. So I said yes. And yes. And yes.

for Sumana's very cool prompt at Midweek Motif at Poets United, which will post tomorrow : The Door. And for the Tuesday Platform at Real Toads.


  1. Yes. And again yes. Gratitude and inexplicable power. Magic. Please remind us again and again to hold onto our dreams.

    1. I'm back again. This struck me this time: "one more mighty leap." This is like money in the bank, this one more leap, always one more. Best of all to you, Sherry.

  2. proving the universe brings gifts
    to those ready and willing
    to receive ...
    Such a wonderful promise, Sherry. I am much gladdened by this news, knowing how much it means to you.

  3. Yes to keep on dreaming is to chime into our heart beats

    much love...

  4. Congrats! I am glad your dream came true.

  5. Sounds the perfect place for you to belong. Oh the joy of jumping into another change - all beautifully bound up in these lines Sherry
    Ps I too have changes lined up with the planets - auspicious?

  6. We just need to be alert to the behavior and messages peeking through. Nice reading, Sherry, from knowing you through what you have shared, I believe this is the true you.
    Mine would the opposite, of how going through that door I became domesticated. So much that when our daughter came I parked my horse, the two-wheeled one, for her better, increased, security. Domesticated so much that Mrs. Jim tells me that there is a waiting line for me if something happens to her.

  7. Oh I'm so happy for you Sherry... to find a place where beach walks can be made... you deserve it all.

  8. Isn't life wonderful? Be happy...
    I'm certain we will all share in your good fortune.

  9. proving the universe brings gifts
    to those ready and willing
    to receive,
    ... that is the exact point.. it is up to us to open up to the universe. Lovely.

  10. It sounds wonderful. I am so happy for you Sherry!

  11. YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    All good things come to those who wait and you Dear One are so deserving of this gift.


  12. OH!
    Oh, Sherry. I am beyond thrilled for you. Thrilled beyond words. {And take me with you!} ;)

    This is a gorgeous piece. I smile as I see my favorite Wild Woman walking these shores. Oh! How truly wonderful.

  13. I always had faith in you, Wild Woman :)

  14. I can feel the joy in your words, and I want to squeal, dance and cackle with you! I so love that you get this chance. Enjoy it, dear Wild Woman. I can't wait to hear your laughter feeding the dawns and twilight. I know it will be grand. And we get to experience it through your words!

  15. Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!
    You cannot imagine how thrilled I am for you. It's a miracle !

  16. as always, mi amiga, you are an inspiration. this is a wonderful reflective piece.
    while packing don't forget to pack that piece of my spirit in.

  17. Oh Sherry, best news of the year! I know you have been waiting for this and perhaps thought this door had closed. I am sooooo happy for you, and happy for all of us who will receive the bounty of your words and thoughts surrounded by nature and magic. YIPPEE YAY HOO! XOXOX

  18. WOW Masha allah...never stop dreaming

  19. Thank you, my friends, for your good wishes and happiness for me. I so appreciate it. I am wondering what kind of poems I will write there, but I am sure I will share the wonder and the beauty with you all. As always, thank you for reading and accompanying me on this journey.

  20. Some things are destined to be --Sooo happy for you!! I would love to live in such exotic places!

    For most of us, the road to our dreams is long, challenging, and unexpected in real world.
    Beautiful poem, Sherry! Love it...

  21. Dreams really do come true..you will finally get to your place of heart. I am glad you said YES to the door of wonder.

  22. I'm crying joyful tears Sherry. Wow. This is absolutely wonderful. It makes me explore my dreams and now dream with passion because you are living proof that they can come true. Hurray my friend. Godspeed. Be well, happy, serene in your place of love.

  23. I m so happy for you Sherry!!❤️ May your happiness be doubled and dreams tread further. xo

  24. "one more mighty leap.....to the / realization of a / long-held dream."...ah...stay blessed dear poet..YES, YES & YES....

  25. A new door and new possibilities.. perhaps not dwindling years but shining ones to look ahead to.. so very pleased and how brave you are Sherry xo

  26. Maybe you will sing? Maybe??? Of course, you will sing, and sing lustily!!

  27. Your words brought tears to my eyes...I am here trying to find my desk....it if buried under papers. My heart goes with you on this next journey of your life...be it one day or an entire lifetime...time is not as we think, Enstein said.

    It is a wonderful way to start the new year!!!xoxo

  28. Oh wow Sherry! I'm so pleased for you.

    Have a wonderful time living your dream. :-)

  29. This is such wonderful wonderful news, Sherry! I am SO happy for you, and so glad you never really gave up on your dream--it's amazing what happens when you hold on to it. Keep us posted!

  30. Oh, you will sing! Sherry - I am SO happy for you.

  31. Sherry yippee skippy!! If you have a dream that's been blocked, and get offered it, say yes. So wonderful for you. On another note, my bedtime dreams are definitely blocking me in. I wrote about it too, as you, but it's no song of the sea for me. Don't feel sorry for me though, all I have to do is drive 2 hours, and I'm there, and every summer I'm at the beach for the whole time. Again...congrats!

  32. Wonderful for you, Sherry! And thank you for urging us to say yes to our dreams and opportunities.

  33. Yes!!! Is Jas coming, too? if you don't grab the chance this time, I will personally kick your butt all the way from BC to Newfoundland.

  34. This filled me with excitement. An entire life arch and the beautiful ocean.
    This "It took trust and a far-flung prayer
    to take me from where I was
    tamely living
    to being there" my absolutely favorite line.
    Loved this Sherry.

  35. Good news there Koko and beautiful poetry and inspiration. Nuggets of wisdom liberally dished.

  36. Good news there Koko and beautiful poetry and inspiration. Nuggets of wisdom liberally dished.

  37. BEautiful in its celebratory tone, Sherry! It is rare that we have second chance like this in life. I am glad the opportunity arose for you. My best wishes for the move!


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