Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Tofino Skies

Photos from our trip to Tofino. Stephanie rented us a cabin 
on Chestermans Beach where we spent three glorious days 
enjoying sunshine, sand and surf.

Sunset  our first evening


Morning before sunrise

Lennard's Light pre-sunrise

Lone Cone

Sun coming up at South Chestermans

Stephanie - morning joy

Family coffeetime

Happy dogs

Cali ~ Steph photo

Chloe ~ Steph photo

Gord Oien photo

Wild Woman
Steph Oien photo

By the Fire
As I sat there, I was thinking how beautiful this place is,
and that it likely was never going to happen
that I would be able to return.
I accepted that, and decided
it would be all right.
I was lucky to have had the ten years there that I had.

Steph Oien photo

Steph Oien photo

It was the day after I got home that the phone call came.
I was offered an apartment in Tofino.
Life had one more surprise for me.
So I started packing.

What a gift this new year will be.

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