Tuesday, June 2, 2015

At the Foot of Taos Mountain

Taos Mountain

Your feet  walk the desert floor
but your eyes scan the heavens,
searching for your beloved,
who has been lost,
as if you might catch a glimpse of him,
riding a sunset-crimson cloud,
or peeping his Pan-like face
up over the mountain,
ever the sunshine that lit 
your morning world.

As your heart hangs, suspended,
between this world and the one beyond,
may a soft breeze 
waft down from Taos Mountain,
and wrap you in the comfort
of the love you shared,
his heart, your heart,
and your heart forever his.
May the soft cloak of evening
dull the edges of your pain,
so you may find some beauty
in what remains.

May the red cardinal 
sing sweetly through your dreams,
a message from the other side
to assuage your longing,
and may a wildflower bloom
beside the garden wall,
watered by your tears,
a reminder
that love never dies.

For my friend, Annell, who this week is walking through the one year anniversary of the death of her beloved son, Jim. May he rest in peace, and may she have the strength to bear the unbearable loss, and keep on walking. 


  1. Oh, Sherry, how kind and how beautiful! Thank you for walking with me and holding my hand.

  2. Exceptionally Beautiful! A worthy prayer for deep loss.

  3. this is beautiful. Thank you for sharing it.

  4. Very moving and beautiful Sherry ~ Thanks for sharing this~

  5. A wonderful way to honor the absent...thank you for helping a friend.

  6. Your kind heart shines through this piece, Sherry; and I would swear you'd spent much time in the desert southwest by your empathic piece. You really connect.

  7. We are suspended indeed!

    ( '>

    ALOHA from Honolulu,

  8. beautiful Sherry, so moving and full of love...

  9. Beautiful! May your friend find the strength to carry on!

  10. This is so very beautiful as is Taos mountain. My heart is with Annell. May she find comfort in your words.


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