Wednesday, June 3, 2015

You, the Seeker, My Lamp, the Moon

Little hummer, 
iridescent rainbow in constant flight,
you whirred into the room at dusk, 
thinking my lamp was the moon.
I swiftly clicked off the light, 
to guide you to the window 
where you beat frantically for a moment,
till you crouched in its corner,terrified of the giant
whose hands were slowly lowering 
to cup you gently.

You stilled, as I carried 
your feathered lightness outside
and, when I opened my palms to set you free, 
lay for a moment on your back,
surrendered to your fate.
Suddenly recognizing you had survived,
could once more see the sky, 
in that same instant,
you were halfway 'cross the meadow.

Just so, do our hearts encounter 
their similar terrors,
bring them down to size,
recognize the open door of freedom,
and, each in turn, take flight.

for Patti Wolf's  prompt at dVerse: Microworld Poetry


  1. What a touching moment with that little hummingbird. When I sit on the back porch they often buzz around me, so curious. Love the moment where he realized he is free just as he is about to surrender. I wish more people had a heart to care for animals, and to capture those moments.

  2. Ah.. the vision of the quick turns
    of hummer buzzing
    to feel that
    each turn in life
    does result in
    newly found
    nectar of
    life is
    a joy of life
    as long as
    the balance
    nectar is

  3. Wow! AN amazing accompaniment! A great analogy too, tho it amazes me how your heart expanded to think of humans when so absorbed in nature! How that must have felt to be near the rapid heart beat of such a little one!

  4. What a moment of realization Sherry ~ May we always recognize that door to freedom and take flight ~ Thanks for joining in, smiles ~

  5. This is beautiful and filled with compassion. In that instant when the realization hit that life still could feel the flutter of hope as wings opened to freedom.

  6. I love that moment.. what a wonderful cause to have that little hummingbird in your hand and actually see it surviving..

  7. Real or imagined, memory or metaphor, this sharing of yours is brilliant, touching, & it found time to both thrill & teach us. I am surprised the bird was so easy to capture, but it all works just the same; a stirring sentimental moment when your heart paid it forward. I like your lines /you
    whirred into the room at dusk/thinking my lamp was the moon/.

  8. What a wonderful moment with a hummingbird. And I love the lesson you took away. Peace, Linda

  9. what a fine moment... we watch the humming birds in Wyoming fly up about 40 feet in the air and dive bomb down as they display for the females.

  10. Oh, Sherry, this is just exquisite. What an experience. We have so many hummingbirds both here and in the desert and they never cease to thrill me...but the visit you had! Wow!

  11. I live with my door open as much as possible and we have FIVE hummingbird feeders, so hummers are always around in great numbers. So many times, one of them wanders inside and as they always go to the window, and hunker down in a corner in fear when I come near, it is easy to gently cup my hands around what feels like air, and carry them outside. This time is the first time one of them was on its back when I opened my hands and I was afraid it had had a heart attack – the relief for us both was enormous when it saw the sky and knew it was free. I have stood right near the feeder and had them feeding right beside my face......I love it in the spring when they first come – because hummingbirds come back every year once you start to feed them – the first ones to arrive come to my window, hovering, and look in at me. Then I know it is time to get the feeders hung up!

  12. There is definitely a connection there between you and the lovely; I enjoyed reading this, Sherry!

  13. I once held a hummingbird for a similar reason. But the message you bring with your encounter is beautiful. And they are curious. And like bluebirds, come back every year and based on this, I like to believe they know and remember us. Just a lovely read.

  14. What a precious connection and the realisation that we are free after all.

  15. Could you upload a picture of those feeders? With them humming birds feeding, if possible?

  16. a moment of connection with other species we should care for and the ability to recognize being free but for one more moment.

    lovely, mi amiga

  17. such a beautiful moment when he realizes he's free and unharmed and takes off...
    we don't have humming birds over here.. have only seen one in my life when i was in california a few years ago


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