Saturday, June 20, 2015

A Wedding In the Garden

There is going to be a wedding in the garden
this morning,
Mother Earth, the patient bride,
awaiting fickle Sky-groom,
fair-weather friend.
He is dawdling,
arranging his clouds just so,
to look his best.
He can be seen casting glances
at neighboring planets.
The groomsmen look at each other
and shake their heads.

The bride is resplendent in her grass-green gown,
dotted with magenta rhododendrons.
 Her cascading waterfall tresses
roll bountifully down,
and an exaltation of skylarks
cavort about her head and shoulders,
joyously singing.

Birds just love a good wedding.

Wild bunnies peep, big-eyed, 
from under the floral garlands.
A mama deer and her fawn attend
but at a distance, out in the pasture.
The bride's attendants are covered
with pink and purple blossoms.
The trees stand tall in their tuxedos,
sporting a carnation in every lapel.
From every bough,
a collective of assorted yard birds 
warble a clarion call
to the assembled guests~
joy on a summer morning.

Sunflowers and weeping willow
line the aisle with splendor.
Mother Earth approaches,
carrying  pink luscious peonies,
smiling a tremulous smile,
faintly tinged with tears.
She is softened and sweet,
 with an attitude 
of wistful hopefulness
against the inner fear
she does not wish to see:
her groom is changeable,
can burn or freeze her at will.
she is dressed in her best,
lets her heart do the rest.
She steps forth with head held high,
into the moment.
The only time for love,
my friends,
is Now. 

Happy Solstice, kids! Mother Earth is putting on a wedding of blooms and beauty this summer morning, just for us. Drink it all in. I am posting this for Poets United's Poetry Pantry, where there is always a rich feast of poetry on Sunday mornings.


  1. What a wonderful poem for this occasion, Sherry. Happy Solstice to you. Mother Earth is at her best on her special day.

  2. Mother Earth is Beauty wonderfully brought out...Her attire, flowery blush, smile & Her as a Bride...

  3. I will wear flowers in my hair and bring a little mead...

  4. This feels like a marriage to self and mother earth...both good cause for celebration..i love the imagery and sense of ceremony...a very peaceful summer solstice to you Sherry - may it be bright xo

  5. What's not to love in a beautiful wedding celebration!

  6. I love a good wedding too ~ This is a wonderful testament to mother nature's beauty and hope for a good season ~

  7. I think the marriage of the earth and sky is perfect to have when day's are longest, when the sky is faithful and don't look towards the moon at night,

  8. This is absolutely delightful :D Happy Solstice to you Sherry.. what an amazing treat you have given us all..!

    Lots of love,

  9. Ah, I so enjoyed this Sherry, you have created a lovely celebration. I participated in a summer solstice celebration last night and I would certainly be honored to be part of yours. I would bring a song on my drum for those wish to hear the frequency of love.

    Wishing you a beautiful day my friend.

  10. I like poems that tell a story. Nice.

  11. love the image of sunflowers

  12. I love this line - Birds just love a good wedding.

    Great narrative piece!

  13. What a delightful read. I'm glad I also read the source article. I was so happy about Bolivia's new law. Now, like the earth of your poem, I'm a bit fearful. Happy Solstice to you Sherry. Enjoy the flowers.

  14. I imagined everything in Pixar-style animation. And, yes, the sky could be a fickle partner.

  15. Absolutely beautiful writing, my friend. :-)

  16. I think this is the best poem describing the solstice and seasons Sherry...the fickle groom who can burn or freeze at will had me laughing. I agree with others...just a delight!

  17. wow i luv weddings you caught me with this one, your imagery is skillfully worded, i ate it up fom start to finish

    have a nice Sunday

    much love...

  18. I move forward with the decorated mother ready for the union with now. That bridegroom doesn't know what's good for him, keeping her waiting! I love your last line!

  19. A luscious celebration for all of us,


  20. This is simply a jubilant, joyous, fun bit of wonderful writing. Fresh and whimsical and yet - very insightfully and allegorically drawn. Love it!

  21. It was a glorious day here with not a cloud but for us, the winter solstice teasing, knowing she will make the clouds weep soon. What a glorious poem Sherry.

  22. This is magical, Sherry! I was imagining every single details & it was perfect---how did you do that? And, indeed, the best time to love is now! Thank you for the most wonderful experience I had today. Smiles.

  23. i love this, Sherry!

    so excited for your move ~ sending positive energy to help you find the perfect spot.

  24. particularly liked the fickle sky theme in these marvellous poetic verses - cloud covered our city so we could not see the sol rise out of his bed

  25. beautifully expressed ..what a rich analogy of a wedding..colorful scented and 'embroidered'

  26. Oh that was a wonderful wedding! :) "The only time for love,my friends,is Now." So true Sherry, I wish everyone was so considerate as you.

  27. You welcome summer with the mother of all garden parties. Love it!

  28. This was so lovely to read this morning. Loved all the rich, beautiful imagery of nature. 'Birds just love a good wedding', that line just tickled me :)

  29. What a celebration! I loved it! Thanks, Sherry for joy :)x

  30. Agreed. The time for love is always now. Nicely put.

  31. ah nice - happy solstice and what a beautiful wedding this is indeed

  32. Oh Sherry you've painted a beautiful scene… I'm so glad to have been present for this wedding.


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