Saturday, June 13, 2015

The Colours of the Stars

How intriguing that you look 
all one colour in my night-time sky,
silver shining brightly
to my naked eye,
yet are red and blue, orange and yellow,
white and gold, and even green,
though green is not
nearly as often seen.

Up there so serene,
gliding across the midnight sky,
a million little sailing ships
are passing by.

My mind stretches to comprehend
galaxies that have no end,
and how we must befriend
a mystery
that does this earth

Up there in the everness so high
baby stars are being born
into the sky,
vast graveyards where the dying stars
fall fast away,
as swift yet slow
as night turns into day,
you set my soul to dreaming
with each ray.

I was amazed at this late stage of my life to read that the stars have colours, beyond the silver that our naked eye can see. Wow. Who knew?


  1. I didn't know that! This is truly delightful, Sherry.

  2. Very interesting about the color of stars, Sherry. I thought they were all pretty much the same color as our own sun.

  3. I knew, but your poem still made it magical--little ships flying and universes expanding. Beyond the known, exquisite!

  4. "a million little sailing ships / are passing by." much beauty you've poured here Sherry...

  5. Also love that sailing image. That's a beauty. Plus "graveyards" is a great line too. Glad I popped by to read this Sherry. Hope you're well.

  6. Sherry this poem is so beautiful. Makes me want to star gaze tonight. When I do, I'll think of you.
    I didn't know about the colors either.

  7. We are made of stardust. Stars are made of us. I guess the range of hues makes sense. ;-)

  8. As colors beyond the visible needs to be changed to show their colors.. Of course knowing it is one thing, giving it meaning and sense is another...

  9. well done Kim - a wondrous poem indeed - a star in itself!


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