Sunday, May 31, 2015

Love's Barbs

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I feign would tremble when my skirt gets caught 
on barbs, no nimble fingers exercised by him ,
us both stuck fast, exceedingly o'er-wrought,
and soon the very sun is growing dim.

As I preserve my pallor in the shade,
back to the fumbled barb he goes and goes.
Thank heaven for the coolness of this glade,
for where he stands, his perspiration flows.

An afternoon's dithering I shall retell as lies,
as one who knoweth well the Blarney stone,
while every romantic thought between us dies,
him sweltering under my ever-cooling tone .

Finally he frees the torn and wretched lawn;
bowing stiffly, he could not be more quickly gone. 

LOL. For Bjorn's prompt at Toads: to write Bout-Rimes, with end rhymes of the selected words: caught, him, got, dim, shade, goes, glade, flows, lies, stone, dies, tone, lawn, gone. I actually enjoy writing sonnets, but decided to go with humour this time, after a plodding day at my desk, all glum and serious. I substituted oer-wrought for got, because it just sounded more sonnet-like. The lawn referred to is the material often used in skirts and dresses for M'Lady.


  1. M'Lady, I am much pleased with your poem.

  2. This could be written by Jane Austin!

    1. LOL, hopefully Mr Darcy would be more nimble-fingered.

  3. This is such a sparkling sonnet :D
    Enjoyed it to the utmost :D

    Lots of love,

  4. This made me smile broadly!

  5. Ha! A very charming scene, Sherry. I am smiling, thanks! k.

  6. Ha.. This is a perfect use of the words, it could have been about swooning in love.. But this'd sounds more realistic,

  7. What a situation! A similar event happened to a teacher's skirt, and a rather obnoxious filing cabinet!

  8. Loved the sequence of events :-)

  9. Sherry, amusing and clever. I like that it is not a love poem : )

  10. Wonderful!! You're the most amazing poetess!! Keep up the good work!!

  11. "I shall retell as lies" :) A really fun read - you obviously had fun with this list!

  12. I love your use of language here, Sherry. It sounds very genteel. Your characterization is so on point.

  13. ah thanks for the smile.. love the sparkling and humorous tone in this one sherry

  14. I love your take on this Sherry and what a classic photo!!

  15. That was a brilliant interpretation! Thanks. :-)


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