Friday, June 19, 2015


When you love a wild thing,
you're rekindling your kinship
with the wild.

Every cell in your body remembers
when you once lived free upon the land,
when you lived the Old Ways
we once used to understand.

Part of you remembers
when you hunted the deer,
and part remembers when you were
the deer being hunted.
Both sides know fear.

The part of you that
catches your breath
while your heart quickens,
when that old grey whale
turns her ancient eye on you,
is the part that recognizes,
but can't put words to,
the message in her mournful song,
about this planetary home
where we all belong.

I gave my heart to a wolf-pup,
his eyes intelligent and true.
He loved me more
than anyone I ever knew.

He remained wild,
but left both wilderness and sea.
In order to be with me
he relinquished
being free.

And when it came
his time to leave,
he tried so hard to stay.
Since he's been gone,
it's like the wilderness itself
has gone away.

Now when I walk,
yes, I'm looking at the sky.
I'm listening
at each full moon
for his lonely cry.

I walk the length
of his favorite river
with tears that we're apart.
But I'm glad
I loved a wild thing
because he fortified
my heart.

from July, 2011. Thinking of my boy these days. And homesick for the sea.


  1. Oh, love, My new favorite. It's a song. "When you love a wild thing" the relationship reveals the good and the bad, the hello and the goodbye. Nothing can fortify our hearts better. Please make this into a song!

  2. Beautiful, Sherry. I am glad you loved a wild thing too. That last stanza says it all!

  3. My Sundance was the same way. He never lost his wildness completely, and i didn't want him to. When he died, i could barely go on, it seemed as if he had taken all the color out of the world with him. I never grieved anyone or anything so hard.

    1. ps--I just wanted to add that, even now, 22 years after his passing, i rarely allow myself to really tap into the love i have for him, because it wrecks me. It's so strong, I can't bear to go there very often. One day, I'll see him again on the other side. I've asked him to be the one to meet me when i pass.

    2. Same with me, Shay. I loved his wild spirit, never wanted to tame it. And I, too, never grieved anyone or anything so hard. Still am. A week before he died, I told him "when I die, I want you to be the one to come and get me." The energy shifted. He heard me.

  4. the part of them still lives in us.................

  5. there's magic in being loved by a wild being and i think there's always something in us that wants to tame them though it would probably break their spirit

  6. the sea, and Pup, are always in you ~

  7. A beautiful piece of yesterday, remembered. I love it, so beautiful, as was his love for you!

  8. I remember this one. Your poems about pup always make me cry. I'm dreading Daisy's aging. But I spoil her and love her dearly and luckily, she's been healthy lately.


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