Saturday, May 2, 2015

Ghost Yard

A pert yellow forsythia is peeking up
over the fence at my old house,
and the lilac is working on its buds in preparation.
The daffodils have run amok
since I moved across the street,
and the tulips and bluebells have survived their neglect
and still ring the giant maple.

All is neglected there, without a resident gardener.
The new owner tossed the picnic table
onto the iris beds, breaking the bulbs,
(and my heart)  with a single blow.
Not one iris has bloomed the past four springs.

It's a ghost yard, where likely my old wolf dog
still lives, in the green space that was his kingdom.
He must be wondering
where I've gone, why it is that his old home
looks so abandoned,
and why it is taking me so long
to return.


  1. Vivid pictures, my friend, under a great title. I believe all space is layered like this. Here you give us the very personal.

  2. We leave our mark and wonder why no one sees our dreams.

    I don't know why I wrote that, but I'm leaving it. Great poem.

  3. I love how your grief spills out into your poetry and creates something we can all feel. This one is very sad. Very sad, yet i'm glad you have a creative outlet to express yourself and touch us.

  4. Forsaken soul miles from love...beautiful..

  5. I think a garden i part resides inside our hearts.. it must be hard to see others taking over.. I would probably move far away when that day comes.

  6. my soul resides in these dreams also. the moments of love shared is what sustains my heart.

    wonderful share, mi amiga

  7. Sherry, this is truly so very sad. I am glad you still have your memories of how it once was.

  8. My friend, I really felt you ... and Pup. Pup is smiling.

  9. Do I have your address? to make things easy - send it to me OK? Thx.

  10. Oh dear. So sad. I am sorry that you have to see that. It moves me just to hear of it in a poem. Take care, Sherry. k.

  11. There's a whole thing that can be said of neglect, Sherry and you put it down so well ...

  12. Yes, this made me cry, too. It's certainly one of the sadness things...all of it!

  13. This gripped my heart hard Sherry. A beautiful write of what we leave behind and the memories that follow.

  14. I can feel the sadness and the longing in your words, Sherrie. I hope you can once again find a place you can really call home.

  15. aw shoot. Pup visits you where you live - right in your heart ~


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