Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Peace Pilgrim

from 1953 until 1981, she walked 25,000 miles,
on a pilgrimage for peace. She walked 
until given shelter, fasted until given food.

"I shall remain a wanderer until mankind 
has learned the way of peace," I decided
and, thus, my journey began. 

I walked through all fifty states,
the ten provinces of Canada,
and parts of Mexico,
spreading my message of peace:
peace among nations, among people,
and within oneself.

Sometimes I slept in ditches,
with only a newspaper to cover me 
from the cold.

On one occasion, after 45 days 
of prayer and fasting,
I had the most beautiful dream.
The nations were arming for war. 
I spoke to them, but they would not listen.
I wept for them; they paid no attention.
And then I saw that the people of the world
were praying with me.
A luminous mist was rising, 
a radiant being emerging.
'Put up your swords 
or perish by the sword!' he said,
in a voice like thunder. 
And the nations of the world
put up their swords.

People of the world, let us join together.
Join me in my prayer for peace.
Send your messages of peace
to all the leaders of the world.
If millions share the same vision 
if  a billion voices are heard, 
a change will come across the land
and peace will no longer be
only a dream. 


The Peace Pilgrim's  death was untimely, a head on collision as she was being driven to a speaking engagement. 

"Free of earth, free as air,
now you travel everywhere."
-five of Peace's friends, in Sante Fe, 
upon her passing.

for Susan's prompt at Mid Week Motif: honoring Our Elders. I thought of Peace Pilgrim, who lived a most amazing life. The italicized words are taken from Peace Pilgrim's writings.


  1. An amazing tribute to Peace Pilgrim..! :D
    Love her strong & determined spirit..!

  2. You are honoring one of my favorite people of all time! She trusted her vision and walked, trusted the universe to care for her as she covered all of those places and all of those years. What a vision! Thank you.

  3. That is so sad. To walk so far and then depart in a car...

  4. Now that is a person who walks her talk. What a fine tribute Sherry - thanks

  5. Thank you for telling her story as I have not heard it and it's an important one. She has found peace at last.

  6. What an inspiring story! Thanks for sharing it in your poem today X

  7. What an amazing woman. She's an ispiration to us all. Now that she's gone I hope she sends peace our way. Lovely to honor her Sherry.

  8. She deserves a Nobel Peace Prize for her amazing efforts. Wow!!! I am inspired...a posthumous Nobel prize just saying. thank you Sherry for this poem. It is uplifting knowing people care and if we do what is said in your poem, then maybe, just maybe the world will be at peace. Have a great one Sherry! good stuff.

  9. How sad it is that so few of can see clearly enough and be brave enough to stand up and do something to change the world. Meanwhile others label them as freaks or activists whilst counting their money and caring not what happens to the world crumbling around them. A great tribute Sherry.

  10. Amazing woman she was! Somehow, she reminded me of Mahatma Gandhi....who wanted to change the world through peace and, embraced 'Ahimsa' (non-violence).

    This is a wonderful tribute to her, Sherry... :-)

  11. A message that resonates even more now as theatres of war seem to be cropping up at will.

  12. This is a wonderful tribute.. I think we just have to agree.. humans are actually more inclined to cooperate than competing.

  13. I think peace within oneself is most important and makes all the difference....she was peacefulness personified and thus this great impact...and how sad that her end should come so abruptly...a wonderful tribute Sherry...

  14. I didn't know about this lady - thanks Sherry for sharing. (You don't need to visit - I haven't had time to do this prompt.)

  15. Pilgrimage for peace? I think there is an inherent contradiction in terms but anyway, much appreciate such efforts so as to build up a movement and sway the collective opinion and mind


  16. Always love hearing about the saints out walking the earth. Sad ending - but what a life well lived.

  17. Sherry,

    You have the most interesting stories and characters to share, via your words. The Peace Pilgrim was truly an inspiring woman. Very sad about the manner of her demise..The world could benefit from a few people following in her footsteps today. A true Elder, remembered in your superb words Sherry.


  18. A wonderful tribute to a wonderful woman.

  19. I have not heard of Peace Pilgrim, but from what you said it is apparent she had a wonderful mission. I hope it carries on & multiplies. Thanks for the poem as well as the information!

  20. It takes one brave person to lead the way and give others the courage to follow xo

  21. I had never heard of Peace Pilgrim so thank you for writing about her. I like how you mixed different voices in your poem.

  22. Amazing woman. Lovely tribute to a special person !

  23. A fitting tribute, Sherry, to a remarkable woman!


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