Wednesday, January 7, 2015

We Are Speaking

[In 2013, the Fellowship for Reconciliation 
presented the International Peace Award 
to the Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers 
for their work to promote peace 
through preservation of cultures.]

When the grandmothers
from the Four Directions
a new time
is coming,
says ancient prophecy.

Ah, ho,
reply the grandmothers.
And now
we are speaking.


  1. the voices of the grandmothers...i imagine how wise they must be!

    i love this post, sherry....i feel i've learned something new. :)

  2. Wise women. May the masses listen.

  3. The wise women speak. Then the stupid men in power go off and screw everything up!!! (C'mon, I couldn't resist that one...) Seriously, what an uplifting, hopeful poem. May it come to pass that wise AND wild women are taken more seriously in this patriarchal world. Love, Amy

  4. The beauty of this comes within it's simplicity.

  5. we def need to listen across the generations...there is wisdom in listening to the generations...and when we listen across the generations we can build on that....

  6. now if someone would listen...
    Thanks for your visit hope you are having a warm and cozy Jan...

  7. Everyone needs to be speaking now--especially Grandmothers. Thanks, Sherry. k. (It is Manicddaily at wordpress--for some reason I can't post under that name.) K.

  8. i love when people listen to the wisdom of old people... sadly it has changed a bit in our young-fanatic world - though the trend goes to old age wisdom again i think

  9. Grandmothers are wise and this is great :)

  10. I'm glad these grandmother's received a peace award. I hope all of us grandmother's speak for peace even without recognition.


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