Thursday, January 1, 2015


On days when the weight of the lives around you
threatens to topple you, 
may there be a piece of earth,
soft and sweet with moss, 
to give your feet a gentle place to stand.

When your eyes look out on a gray winter vista
with no horizon, may a snow goose swoop,
steadfast and unwavering, across your vision,
to remind you there are days 
of color and warmth ahead,
and just one way to get there -
by moving your feet as diligently 
as she moves her wings.

When you are listening for a message in the wind,
may you find a grove of trees 
dancing with river-breezes,
to whisper in your ear:
"This is the way."

And when you most need to know 
that there has been 
some meaning to your years,
may there be friends, eyes shining,
to wrap you  in the warmth of fellowship,
and may you take
some comfort
in the glow.

My friends, I wrote these words on New Year's Day last year. I found it today, and thought it just as timely a blessing today as it was a year ago. Thank you, my friends, for coming to my site, for reading my words, and for blanketing me in your warmth and friendship. You  have been the best part of my 2014 and I look forward to sharing another year of poetry, the reading and the writing of it, with you.


  1. Pssst...message on the wind....Happy New Year
    from the outback where I am spending the hols....
    glorious weather....magnificently quiet...only the weight of native fauna to deal with...wrapped in the warmth of the shining eyes of a couple of goats...Great!
    Looking forward to another year of lovely poems from you

  2. ". . . moving your feet as diligently
    as she moves her wings."

    I am grateful that you posted this again, my friend. Each part is beautiful and as a whole it is a prayer--a recipe--for a great year.

  3. Happy New nice feeling to have read this.......

  4. What a beautiful New Year message, Sherry! Happy New Year to you.....

  5. What a beautiful poem that is insightful and so full of positive direction. :)

  6. Thank YOU Sherry. You are such a sparkle of joy and talent.

  7. Happy New Year, Sherry! Thank you for your ever inspiring lines and your unwavering support. May you always feel the care of your friends, near and afar, and may there always be a snow goose to remind you of the warmth of our friendship.

  8. Thanks Sherry. Such beautiful wishes. Wish you the same. Love the verse When you are listening for a message in the wind .. Happy 2015.

  9. That is so beautiful. The message and the positivity in your words are wonderful.
    Happy New Year.

  10. I think this means as much this year as last year.. Wonderful new year I hope.

  11. Awww. The poem can stand the tests of time Sherry.

    Such a tender poem. In our lives we do need guidance from anyone, anything, anywhere.

    Happy New Year.


    I spent some of my vacation editing a photobook haha :-)

  12. Sherry absolutely exquisite and I along with I am certain so many others thank you - Happy Healthy Peaceful New Year filled with love and light

  13. Such a beautiful blessing and positive direction for the new year! Thank you and Happy New Year, Sherry :)

  14. Oh, Sherry, how I LOVE to read your words. I always seem to read them at just the right moment. Happy New Year to you :)

  15. Sherry, This is a beautiful poem to start the new year. May we always find a grove of trees to dance freely to their song.

  16. full of warm blessings.Happy New Year Sherry.

  17. A lovely benediction, Sherry. Thank you! May it be so to you as well.

  18. This is so full of hope and clearly inspired by a love of nature....definitely a fitting poem for this new year. Also, the first stanza really touches me because I just finished reading a book (The Signature of All Things by Elizabeth Gilbert) in which the main character has a passion for moss and so devotes her life to studying your depiction here of, 'a piece of earth, soft and sweet with moss' holds even more meaning to me. Beautiful!

  19. HAPPY NEW YEAR Dear Sherry may you stay blessed always amen

  20. Such a beautiful poem Sherry! I love the way you have given us markers for a better tomorrow.


  21. Sherry, somehow you have the words I need to hear - thank you for this espc the last stanza - K

  22. Great New Years poem Sherry. Wonderful wish for the future.

  23. Hiiiiiiii Sherry..wishing you a very happy new year here... :-)

    Love the warmth and hope as always in your lines... the last few lines are especially wonderful :-)

  24. How many lessons are learned from engaging with nature. Where everything seems to make much more sense than human antics.

  25. By returning to this piece, it is like the circle of life, and there is much the same this year, with just a few changes. Lovely piece.

  26. a very happy new year Sherry..beautiful lines ..

  27. A small patch of certain ground on which to place our feet - what a perfect wish..thank you for sharing your words too xo

  28. Thanks Sherry for a wonderful 2014 and looking ahead for just as good for the ensuing year! And hopefully we all find that stable grounds to stand on!



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