Thursday, January 1, 2015


"Hope smiles from the threshold of the year to come, whispering, 'It will be happier."
Alfred Lord Tennyson

for Susie's prompt at Real Toads, to choose a quote and write about the new year, and/or resolutions.

Yes, that is the lightening,
the lifting of spirits,
the promise: the new year
will bring good things,
will resolve difficulties,
will be better.

Two days ago I issued a challenge
to a sister-poet - today we would each start our Book.
It is 5:16 p.m. I have sat at my desk all day.
I have not written a single new word.

But the truth is,
my heart is lighter and happier
just from knowing
today is the start of a brand new year
in which anything is possible,
in which Change will happen,
in which I will dictate
my own story
as I walk through the days and weeks.

I watch the slowly increasing daylight each evening
with its assurance that the gray days will pass
and spring will come again to this fog-draped valley.
The annual miracle will happen once more.

It is not yet midnight.
I might still start my book,
the same way I start
this first chapter of January 2015 :
with a high hopeful heart,
an eye to the passage of time
and a thank you to everything and everyone
who got me here.

This includes you, my friends, whose friendship and encouragement helped me through 2014 more than you can know.


  1. This was such an upper to read. Good writing to you and keep that positive attitude. smiles

  2. Ah, I love your spirit and your mindset! I very happy New Year to you. xx

  3. I love the encouragement in this. We should look to each day with new eyes. Thanks so much for being there for me this past year. And thanks for taking part in the challenge.

  4. Just like the spring will come - the words will rise... I have hope of a writing group here in Stockholm too... Wonderful hope in your lines - I wish you a happy new year.

  5. The first step is to sit down in your writing place. Ifyou do that every day with such spirit of adventure and joy, the words and scenes will come. Blessings on your year and goal.

  6. Your story belongs to you alone. Whether you choose to externalize it or not, it will always be a part of you.

  7. do believe you started it sometime back... you just need to put the pieces together.

  8. Hopes , wishes in the air, lets catch them all!!

  9. I love this, Sherry, and I particularly love that it was written by you, because calm and peace and love are what you need. (Whew, just missed saying "love is all you need.)
    Thinking of you on the second day of this new year, hoping it will bring peace and perhaps even freedom from pain for both of us.
    And I still love the fact that we went to different schools together.
    Love'n'hugs, K

  10. I feel your book has already started, this poem seems a wonderful beginning--a black and white, well... blue and white, first page. Promises, the ones we make to ourselves while remembering to be as true as we can, feed our realities. I believe that with all my soul, dearest book builder. ♥

  11. I love the hopefulness of the beginning of a new year found in your words! May yours be as fruitful and wonderful as you dream it to be, Sherry.

  12. We all have books within us. 2015 is its own book...a continuation of all books we have written before! May this 2015 be a good book for you, Sherry.

  13. May your joy and sorrows flow through those beautiful fingers and guide that pen. Your words always vibrate with an earthiness (I mean that as a compliment) and truth that appeals to me.

  14. Love the attitude, the hope, anticipating the new book, and yes - days're getting longer, closer to spring! Changes are ahead, for sure, Sherry :)x

  15. best wishes for your book project

    Happy New Year ☆´,•*´¨★ Ձ๏15

    much love...

  16. I'm excited about your book. I have a draft manuscript that I wrote years ago, an autobiography. I now want to chage it to focus more on my mother's story. I must address that this year.

  17. Your book is amazing already - it's there and ready for you!! You're a Light, Sherry...thank you, too! :)

  18. clearly, you have been writing in your book! ~


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