Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Listening to the Song of the Sea

I listen
to the calling of the waves,
their endless voice,
calling me home,
with a magnetic pull
as persistent as
the susurration of the waves
upon the shore.

I listen
to the voice within
telling me I have been away
from the song of the sea
for too long.

I listen,
with lifted heart,
to the dawn of a new year
which tells me
this is the year
of my returning.

For Poetry Jam's prompt: to listen, or to find one word for this year. I really needed an action word, for what it will take to go from listening to actually getting myself up and over the mountains. But I decided Listen was easier to write to.


  1. I do hope that this will be the year of your returning for you, Sherry. If you listen hard, I hope this is wht you will hear.

  2. Ooh this is so cool. And that photo is fantastic, too.

  3. a lovely poem, of knowing and being

    much love...

  4. I have but just a few minutes online, had to say my wish for you this year is that you are able to return to the waves, their pull, their magic.

    I feel this too as I walk the Atlantic shore each day. I am slowly being reborn.

  5. I share your hope for 2015, Sherry. May you be able to hear the Song of the Sea whenever you want.

  6. With every new year comes another new opportunity. I love this poem Sherry!

  7. Wonderful! Year of returning to the ocean! So be it! ~ Much Love!

  8. The water and land call me, too.

    Wishing you a wonderful year.

  9. *Ahhhhhhh ... what else can one say..... more lovingly and longingly and well-wishing than ahhhhhh..... and my goodness love the use of susurration ..... Beautiful as alwaysl Sherry <3

    * in my original comment autocorrect changed "always" to "awful" - lol.

    1. interesting, PKP, how autocorrect err's beooming almost human. Ahhh, the circle of cybernetics and human-etics.

      i echo Sherry's use of 'susurration'

  10. I know how you have longed for the your return to the sea and I hope this will be the year for it. A beautiful poem. The song of the sea is a lovely idea.

  11. Yes, with lots of anticipation, this is the year. One gets the feeling it is going to be a good year. Looking forward to the same too! Wonderful thoughts Sherry!


  12. That endless voice is always calling me home

  13. i have been away from the song of the sea for too long as well...i need to get back to the feel its movement...

  14. I too long to be near the sea I grew up close by, I miss it and welcome being has been far too long. I secretly want to retire by the sea.

  15. Sherry, hope that you are able to return to the sea, soon. I felt the pull and majesty of the ocean in your wonderful words :-). Great photo too!

  16. I admire the listening to the voice of home ~ Hopefully this is the year of your returning, smiles ~

    Wishing you good week/end Sherry ~

  17. A wonderful write - as is all your work, Sherry. I felt a poignant, spiritual - almost primordial - tug to my heart in the loss and longing evoked in this piece . . . and buoyant for you at the prospect of your return. You've captured an epic vibe here and you are rockin' that photo beyond epic. This is a very cool post! Loved it!

  18. guess what, mi amiga? i hear your listening

    wonderful reflective introspection

    have a lovely fulfilled weekend days

  19. This was like you took the words out of my mouth, I'm drawn to the sea too.

  20. I hope that this year yearns so much for those who listen with their hearts and eyes opened wide.

  21. I feel the tugging of change in this - such an uplifting urge to a rising tide - really loved this, Sherry

  22. Sherry,

    I do hope that in this year 2015, you might find the gift of more freedom and time to be beside the sea and the waves which you enjoy so much. You have written as though you are truly standing there, on the wave side; soaking in the whole experience...
    Happy New and more restful New Year Sherry:)

  23. I think it's wonderful to listen. You'll hear when it's time to return - sometime this year- I hope.

  24. This is so beautiful it resonated with my soul. At some time we get that calling and are compelled to listen. Happy 2015.

  25. the siren song of the sea is strong, yes ?~


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