Sunday, January 11, 2015


Three million gather,
 in solidarity,
determined to uphold the light,
abhor the darkness.

Hearts rise as the message is shared,
Muslims with signs that say "I am Jewish",
Jewish holding signs that say "I am Muslim."

All hearts proclaiming:
"Je suis humaine".
The truth we need to see:
we are a world of human beings.

I so admire the spirit of the people of France, returning light for darkness. This is a very civilized people. May the spirit of unity continue. 


  1. Thank you for sharing this Sherry. How my heart sings from the light the people of France are shining for us all to see. It is so important for us to remember, 'Je suis humaine'.

  2. Thank you for this poem, Sherry! I hope the spirit of unity lives on and triumphs over darkness and death.

  3. It is a shame that there are people who can't understand that nobody's religion is better than another's. It has always been a conflict and probably will remain that way unfortunately. Unity is the only way we can establish a peaceful understanding of the world as a whole.

  4. France is definitely an example for us all, I think. Strength out of tragedy.

  5. This show of solidarity is very heartening - I have a feeling the struggle against extremists in Europe has only just begun.

  6. je suis humaine ! yes, Kerry's interjection is my fear that when retribution rears its daggered fist it will not have discretion

  7. This is truly heartwarming, Sherry. Sooner or later, the light WILL win, I have no doubt about that.

  8. I echo your wishes. And I too admire the French.

  9. it was pretty sad that our american leaders did not join...but perhaps when our voices rise together...we will see change....


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