Saturday, January 3, 2015

Biker Chick

I found this on google and do not know who to credit
but it so goes with the topic, LOL

Gotta go.
 Get me out of this one-horse town.
It's too straight and narrow
for a tear-streaked clown.

Headin' 'cross the bridge
with my haversack.
My duffel bag's stuffed,
and I'm not ever lookin' back.

Gonna head to the city.
Gonna merge with the crowd.
Gonna ride all the busses.
Gonna live my life loud.

55 words in honor of the G-man, for Real Toads. This month, we are to evoke the biker sub-culture of the 50's, the disenchanted young people who spurned the establishment, and sought their own way. For some of us, this has lasted all our lives. 

I never was a biker chick, or had anything to do  with motorcycles. But I was a cyclist, and found a heady freedom soaring along the back roads. I remember how desperately I wanted out of my small town after high school. I  sought the anonymity of the city as fast as it was possible to get there.


  1. Nicely done! My brother once tried to teach me how to ride a dirt bike and declared me a dismal failure after I nearly killed us both. I'd probably be better off with the three-wheeled kind!

  2. Great job! I too wanted to fly from the tiny town where I grew up. I didn't know I would end up in the 4th largest city in the country. LOL

  3. Oh that sense of he travel bug.. So many wanted to leave when we were young, traveling on bicycles is great.

  4. The repetitive "l" sound in the last line adds a sense of musical explosion and fanfare. A poem capturing the wild spirit longing for freedom.

  5. Wonderful, Sherry. You have asserted the never say die attitude very well indeed.

  6. Yes, make it a song. Make it one we can roar away to the beat and tune of ...

  7. liked the duffel bag... a word of the times

  8. I agree with Susan, this sounds like a song ~ My favorite is the last line: Gonna live my life loud.

    Happy New Year to you ~

  9. You caught that fever of longing and leaving well here, Sherry.

  10. Love it! We seem to have struck the same tone with our poems for this one, Sherry!

  11. I think in my younger years I might have done this and taken to the road if circumstances had been different.

  12. Cool poem. Reminds me of my younger days. I was a biker chick of sorts. My husband loved and loves motorcycles though he no longer owns one. I used to ride carelessly, letting the wind slap and play with my hair. Not long ago, he wanted to get a three wheeler. But, it's just not my thing. I feel badly that I spoiled his dream.

  13. In remembrance of the younger years where life was so full of excitement and picket fences weren't so crude. Reminds me of the good old days where work didn't become the pen house at the stock market crash.

  14. Being loud is not ladylike. When I tell Skittles this, she barks at me!

  15. "Tear streaked clown." That's good. Sometimes ya gotta laugh till you cry...or vice-versa.

  16. Now your "small town" is a big city.
    Love this poem, Sherry, and the picture is a hoot. Living life out loud is definitely the way to go.
    Luv, K

  17. oh yeah!
    she def. looks like she's having fun
    i want a motor bike now
    living life loud and joyful is a good thing

  18. This is the funniest image yet! Galen would've love it. That's what I wanna life loud cause I live too close to a one-horse town.

  19. live it...and loud...
    i imagine you cackling as you ride by on that cycle....ha

  20. Love the tone and the attitude, Sherry! A befitting tribute.

  21. Happy new year, Sherry. Love this pen. You've captured the sense of movement and desire of those ready to hit the road ~


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