Friday, March 28, 2014

The Language of Flowers

The secret language of flowers
contains mathematics.

Look into the heart of a sunflower.
Its beauty a numerical symmetry
- the Fibonacci sequence,
the "golden angle" 
that corresponds to Phi.

Look into a flower's heart.
What do you see?

Petals, pistils, a stamen,
but look closer.
Always, there is intricate design,
always, a breathtaking pattern.

the Romanesco broccoli

How does this happen?
Behold the broccoli,
humble vegetable, 
more detailed than an artist's
most complex design,
the fractal symmetry 
of nature.


Bees speak the language of geometry,
instinctively creating perfect hexagonals
as they go about their daily work.

Feast your imagination
on the wondrous and mystical design
in the heart of a flower,
the blueprint of the human body, 
and the infinite constellations
of stars and galaxies.

How can anyone look into
the heart of a flower,
the intricacy of an eyeball,
the trajectory and wonder of the heavens,
and not believe in God?

for Margaret's cool prompt at Real Toads: the language of flowers
source: 10 Beautiful Examples of Symmetry in Nature


  1. The patterns of nature defy human ability and understanding. That head of broccoli is every bit as beautiful as the sunflower.

  2. beautiful nature beautifully expressed

  3. Sherry, what a beautiful voice you have spoken in this piece.

  4. Oh so true...if we really look at a flower closely, there are few things more beautiful. Truly nature makes the best 'art' of all!

  5. Hence the rhythms and music!

    ALOHA from Honolulu

    =^..^= <3

  6. I agree. Look at any plant or animal, how complex and amazing and improbable they are, and there HAS to be intelligence at work.

  7. The world is a glorious place is it not? You have created a beautiful tribute to this earth and some of her gifts.

  8. smiles...i like the connections you make between flowers and math...the rhythms of life and it all ties in together....our sciences and math allow us to see things more nature....and god...

  9. Hi Sherry -- a lovely poem. I personally am a very strong believer in the intelligence of evolution--the science of it all is pretty amazing. I have been reading a wonderful book by Bill Bryson called The History of Practically Everything, and I think there is a great deal of physics (among other things--biology) behind the beautiful symmetry of nature. All that said--there is certainly a wonderful energy connecting all things, and cruciferous vegetables certainly are wonderful! Thanks. k.

  10. It's nature's way of getting knowledge made available in strange ways. Amazingly these are later discoveries of noted scientists! Great write Sherry!


  11. These every day things are nothing short of amazing. Even the seemingly simplest things are wonderfully designed. So well put Sherry!

  12. Makes me believe in nature's majesty, for sure. The God in you and me. And how sweet there are such enthralling patterns to lift our words like spray!

  13. You've wonderfully captivated God's marks in Nature...Mathematics is nothing but Him...I love to believe in a cosmic intelligence and cosmic soul....
    There isn't any chaos anywhere...

  14. I love how you blended science with the cosmos-both kinds!! Beautiful and wondrous-love this one!


  16. The geometry in flowers & nature are amazing, a work of endless mystery ~ You have to wonder at the Architect of Nature, from small to large creatures ~

    Beautifully written Sherry ~

  17. Evolution does not mean there is no God. I love this as it speaks to the complexity of life - it's beauty, and the closer we look, the more science we learn, we find it is even MORE complex. Ha, such a wonderful thing to still be surprised and still not have all the answers. I say, keep searching - God is stringing us along. :)

    Thanks, Sherry, for such a lovely poem.

  18. I'm gonna have to take my camera to the market now, photograph all the flowers and broccoli with my macro lens :)


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