Friday, March 7, 2014

Crystal Caves

The crystal caves,
dreaming deep,
some of earth's 
most beautiful secrets

Feast your eyes
but take no prize.
For once,
no Possessing -
let beauty sleep.

posted for Hannah's Transforming Fridays prompt at Real Toads: the crystal caves of Mexico. I suppose it is a miracle they havent mined this treasure trove to extinction. Instead, there are scientists there, studying the caves. Maybe we are waking up. 


  1. ugh that is the plague of the humans isnt it....the need to possess beauty but in doing so robbing it of what made it special....

  2. Gorgeous Sherry and I am glad to hear we've not mined them to extinction

  3. I wouldn't dare take one of your finds, Sherry. :)
    But I would love to have one to add to my fold.
    Very nice, succinctly told.

  4. Yes, Sherry.....look but do not take. Humans do need to remember that in so many different situations.

  5. Amen! Preservation rather than pillaging.

  6. Beauty is beautiful as it is... A lovely write. :-)

  7. This beautiful poem should be in web descriptions of the caves. It is compelling.

  8. "just let beauty sleep"

    Oh, YES. I love this. Oh, that we would care more for our earth in this way. I agree with Susan, this would make a great companion piece.

  9. Let beauty that.

  10. Yes, let it sleep ever & ever ~ Fascinating wonder but I read it gets really hot down there and you can get fried after a few minutes ~

  11. The point you bring is spot-on, Sherry!! Thank you so much for writing! :)

  12. I love your ending! Yes, it is a miracle the sleeping gal is being studied! Well done

  13. How beautiful. Glad they've been preserved and appreciated. There IS hope.
    Have a good weekend Sherry.

  14. A lovely poem--there is something so weird and haunting (and scary) about the underground. I wanted to tell you I'll get back to your interview now that I am posting some poems again--thanks for lovely crystal vision. k.

  15. In agreement with other readers Sherry, to often the beauty and simplicity are disturbed by the outside world wanting to 'sample'.

  16. You are a good steward of the Earth, Sherry....

  17. There must be a reason these are deep inside and not discovered for a long time. The beauty was not meant to be disturbed that's why! Nicely Sherry!



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