Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Sunrise over the inlet in Tofino

The sun comes up over the mountains
like the hills are giving birth
to the new day,
and my heart leaps up
to see crocuses poking 
their little heads through the ground,
bringing forth a new spring,
full of birdsong
and croaking frogs.

The celebration has begun!
We are all invited to the feast.
Enjoy the bounty!

for Susan's Mid Week Motif prompt: Birthdays


  1. Love the magic of New Day appeared from the mountains, with sun and heart leaping in one impulse! Nice! Happy New Spring! :)xx

  2. it really is a beautiful celebration. You give it a nice place of honor Sherry.

  3. It is like magic. How could the first witness of it ever have imagined what was going on? An image nicely painted...
    Steve K.

  4. yay...not only a new day, the birth of a new season here soon as well....we should celebrate every season as such...

  5. Sherry,

    Most captivating image and lively, glorious words to accompany. Spring is in our hearts at last!!
    Happy Days,

  6. Yes, Sherry, each new day is something to celebrate!

  7. Such a beautiful birthing of a spring day

  8. Wonderful celebration of new life

  9. Consider yourself blessed if you can get this excited over crocus buds and the dawn...You have won!

  10. Sounds good to me! Thanks for the lift. K. (Manicddaily)

  11. We shall bring party hats and streamers..spring has sprung - yay!

  12. This is so celebratory, Sherry...such a joyful first day of spring poem...thank you!

  13. Wonderful! I loved seeing those purple flowers poke through the snow-so much cheer in the blah of winter! Yes, let's celebrate! My daffodils are open-cups of yellow sunshine-I love spring! Beautiful view over here ;D

  14. This is so beautiful and uplifting Sherry =)

  15. You are truly fortunate to inhabit a beautiful place on earth, Sherry but am sure the sunrise is beautiful from everywhere, even the deserts

    As someone once said, it does not matter what we look at, only what we see !


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