Sunday, March 30, 2014


Turn off the TV.
Step out your door
and onto the earth.
Plant your feet and
breathe in
the scent of the morning.

Look at the sky.
Listen to the busy twittering
of morning birds at the feeder.

No thoughts -
just Being in
the All-That-Is.

Give your soul
a drink of
cool, refreshing

   ***   ***   ***

This morning
I am so grateful
to the All-That-Is
that I have lived
long enough
to be an 
aging person.


  1. your gratitiude shines through...
    ah it snowed here again today...but only briefly...leaving the earth smelling fresh...i did inhale that, thankful....smiles...i think as we age it gets easier as well to appreciate...smiles.

  2. each of your word is so precious is the voice of All-That-Is...

  3. Your poem says so much of what I was feeling this morning, looking at the flowers growing against my bedroom window and appreciating the peaceful morning. We do not take enough time to just be.

  4. definitely a Spring poem.. taking the time to look around and see what s right there if you look....

  5. There are those morning when you just fills with the joy of nature... I have a tendency to sleep late in the mornings.. and soon the dawn will be way to early for me... hmmm.

  6. I love those days where we can soak up the rays of sunshine and the song of life.
    be well my friend - soak in life

  7. Beautiful. I feel touching the earth with bare feet centers me.

  8. Reconnecting with the pleasure of nature after a long and cold winter must be wonderful, Sherry! Here the winter has not been cold but very gray, rainy and dull and I welcome all the delights of spring.

  9. Wonderful, Sherry! No TV at all! Just hanging out with nature. We have first really warm day 56 ...:)xx

  10. beautiful! you describe the moment of gratitude really well.

  11. Uplifting words and a reminder to be grateful for the journey thus far..inspirational Sherry..

  12. Sherry, there is something to be said for being an 'aging person.' Truly there is. I learned yesterday that another woman of a group I used to belong to died. It struck me, as did another death, that they are younger than I am. I think if we are aging it is a good and positive thing. We could be among those who are already statistics. (Really yesterday's news freaked me a bit.)

  13. Love the simple wisdom in this piece of writing. Aging is a process and I am so glad I have found a group of individuals to accompany me through it.


  14. You are blessed to be able to appreciate your existence and in opening the eyes of others to do so as well !

  15. I'd like one-a-day, please, for the rest of my life.

  16. Our society has made youth the end-all, be-all...and yet there is such wonder and amazement in being blessed with many decades on this crazy fantastical planet. I loved this, Sherry.

  17. This is so beautiful and thoughtful!:)

  18. Your gratitude shines through, Sherry. And it's precisely gratitude (and attitude!) that keeps you young at heart and blesses you with a long life. Smiles :)

  19. I agree it is an attitude of gratitude that springs life in each day

  20. Being Grateful is leading a true life

  21. ah, it's wonderful to have lived another day! and be one with nature too. :)

  22. Coming to this space after like ages.
    It fills me all the fervour, i look for in Poetry.

  23. So right. Sometimes when kvetches about the loss of youth, when the amazing thing is to make it this far! k.

  24. You are aging well :-)
    This is a lovely piece Sherry.

  25. "the All-That-Is"

    I now wish to go outside. Thank you for this drink of water for the soul.

  26. Well, we are all aging, Sherry. Many of us waste time between work and sleep by watching the idiot box.....Nothing like spending time in nature ..indeed :))) Great lines, as always!

  27. Thanks for the gentle reminder, Sherry. I am opening my eyes even wider these days.

    Pamela ox


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